Chapter 122: Convinced! (Part one)

The three bosses behind West Gate, Sanpi, and the others all frowned, all of them seeming to be getting impatient.

Xu Cheng’s men had already checked, so what use would him checking himself have?

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything, but he walked up onto the deck of the ship and said to Wu Gang, “Go and find a hatchet.”

Although Wu Gang was confused, he still found a hatchet from a nearby toolbox on the ship.

“Boss, what should I do?” he asked.

Xu Cheng took a look at the captain, seeing that that guy had no expression on his face. Xu Cheng came up to him and said, “I’m asking you again, where did you hide the money?”

The ship captain nonchalantly said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. Do you police officers all like to force people into confessing?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes swept past everyone, including those three bosses behind West Gate. “You’re still clinging on?”

Right after, he shouted, “Li Chao, Wu Gang!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Xu Cheng: “Go to the lowest floor of this ship, at the bedroom.”

The two nodded and just went in with a hatchet. It was a luxurious bedroom, but they had searched it inside out just now.

“Boss, we are in here,” they shouted out from a window on the side of the ship.

Xu Cheng: “Okay, feel the bed.”

The two searched the bed but didn’t find anything wrong. “Boss, there’s nothing.”

Xu Cheng looked at the ship captain as he said to Wu Gang and Li Chao, “That mattress is about 20 centimeters thick, slice it open and check the insides.

Li Chao immediately went to the ship’s kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed into the mattress, and then he forcefully tore it open. Immediately, a large amount of cash spilled out. Wu Gang, Li Chao, and the other officers were all overjoyed as they shouted, “Boss! Money! Money!”

Xu Cheng looked at the captain with a smile and said, “Got anything to say for yourself?”

The captain was still trying to act tough. “We travel through a lot of places by boat and don’t often get on shore, so we rather store our money on the ship than in a bank. Besides, that cash wouldn’t be safe if we stored it in a safe, so we obviously had to hide it somewhere. It’s not much, just a couple million.”

“Oh, really?” Xu Cheng looked at him from the corner of his eyes, and then he continued to shout to Li Chao and the others downstairs. “Check the wooden board below your feet, there’s a layer of glue that seals it from water. Break the board, use all your strength!”

Right as he said that, the ship captain suddenly bumped away an officer in the way and wanted to jump into the water, but Xu Cheng didn’t even look as he took out his pistol and shot him in the leg. Then, the captain fell to the floor as the other criminal investigation officers immediately subdued him.

“Scared now?” Xu Cheng holstered his gun, and he looked at the captain, semi-smiling mockingly.

On the other side, Sanpi and the three bosses were all pale-faced. Seeing how the ship captain tried to run, they knew the money was hidden there.

Sure enough, not long after, Li Chao shouted excitedly, “Boss! The money’s all below the floorboards! There’s a crap ton, at least 5 billion yuan in cash!”

Those police officers and coastal guards all took in a deep breath upon hearing that.

The three West Gate bosses immediately shouted, “We are just here to get the electronic products, we don’t know anything about the money!”

Xu Cheng sneered. “If you have something to say, just say it in court. Arrest them all!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The criminal police officers immediately began cuffing people up and getting them into their cars. Li Chao, Wu Gang, and the others were all busy packing the cash and trying to count. Xu Cheng went to the ship captain, squatted down, and asked him, “Give up the stuff, and I can alleviate some of your crimes. You are responsible for this ship, so you probably know that there’s enough black money on board to get you a death sentence.”

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