Chapter 124: Are You Looking for This? (Part one)

This time, the team of special police officers that was involved in cooperating with Team 2 was all investigated. Everyone paused the work on hand, and they had to hand in all communication equipment for inspection.

Standing and waiting outside the door, Li Dazhuang looked at the special police officers that were all being examined. He was standing there by himself smoking a cigarette. He really wanted to leave, but his higher-ups gave the order that no one in this department could leave in the next few days, at least until the inspection was over.

But that was alright, since it was only his subordinates that were getting investigated for now, and it seemed like he, as the instructor, didn’t need to be checked.

When his colleagues came out, he asked, “What’s happening, did they find the mole yet?”

His colleagues shook their head. “We still don’t know yet. Almost everyone had been checked, and it should be ending soon.”

Li Dazhuang let out a sigh of relief. Just at that moment, the inspector suddenly saw him at the door and said, “Li Dazhuang, give me your phone.”

Li Dazhuang’s heart thumped, and he immediately said, “I wasn’t even involved in this operation.”

Inspector: “But you were involved in the tactical and operational deployment planning, so you have to be checked.”

Li Dazhuang was a bit hesitant. “What do you want to check?”

Inspector: “Hand me your phone, we need to do the routine check.”

Li Dazhuang: “Is that necessary?”

The inspector said in a very serious manner, “This is an order, please cooperate with us. Although you are an instructor of the special police force department, you are still part of the team and need to be checked.”

After a brief moment of two grown men looking into each others’ eyes, Li Dazhuang finally gave up his work phone that was registered with the police bureau.

The inspector turned around and gave it to the technician.

That was a work phone, so there was obviously no problem with it so he wasn’t scared of it getting inspecting. He already threw the other phone into the toilet.

That inspector looked at him and asked again, “Do you have any other mobile numbers in use?”

Li Dazhuang became furious right away. “What do you mean? You suspect that I’m the mole?”

Inspector: “Don’t be nervous, I was just asking.”

After the inspection was done, Li Dazhuang put the phone back into his pocket and left the police HQ. He drove directly to a public telephone booth far away from the HQ and dialed a number to Chang Qing.


“It’s me, Li Dazhuang.”

On the other end of the phone, Chang Qing exclaimed in a hoarse voice, “Save me!”

Li Dazhuang narrowed his eyes. “How do I save you? Hurry and run, your men pretty much all got arrested, and if you get arrested as well, then I will be doomed too. I will arrange for you to get out of the country.”

Chang Qing: “No! I can’t leave the country! I will only die faster if I’m not in Huaxia! The underground money house’s power is spread all over the world, and the drug lord of South Asia also has money on me. I need you to help me, and I will be safe only if I stay in the country.”

Li Dazhuang immediately shouted, “Safe my azz! The police already got their eyes on you, how do you want me to help you?”

Chang Qing: “I haven’t been proven guilty yet, and they are just monitoring my villa and can’t do anything. But, I don’t have much time left. If I can’t pay back the money, then I probably won’t live for more than 24 hours. Aren’t you scared that I will expose you as the mole? Just help me, and I will destroy all evidence and records of our call and text messages.”

Li Dazhuang’s face sunk. “What do you want me to do?”

Chang Qing: “Come arrest me. Just take me to prison for whatever charge, and I will arrange my lawyer to sell all of my estate to bail me out. After that, I will take care of myself.”

Killing intent flashed past Li Dazhuang’s eyes.

“Where are you?”

“In my villa.”

“I will wait for you at your villa’s back door.” After hanging up, Li Dazhuang got into his car, and he directly drove towards where Chang Qing was. When he went around the alley to get to the back door of Chang Qing’s villa, he was a bit surprised to find a sedan already waiting there.

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