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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 125.1

Chapter 125: Bait (Part one)

Li Dazhuang snorted and said, “I just let my guard down. If I took caution in the beginning and notified West Gate in advance, you wouldn’t be where you are today.”

Xu Cheng: “Did you not disclose my plans?”

Then, he continued, “Ever since I took over West Gate’s case from Team 5, West Gate knew right away. Such speed could only mean that they have eyes in our backline, but I didn’t know who it was. So, before I could confirm, I told Team 2 to work in secret, and the retarded action plans I submitted were just a cover-up. I think that another reason you let your guard down was because of those action plans, right? So, not only you, West Gate didn’t take me seriously too and that made my job a lot easier.”

Li Dazhuang looked at him, curious. “Then how did you know I was the mole?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “I didn’t know at first, but when we called up the special police unit for backup to raid the underground money house, someone was able to leak the plan to Chang Qing in the short amount of time that he was on the way to the money house. That meant there should be at least one mole inside the special police unit. Your big captain is definitely not one because of his past history and achievements, so I could only suspect you and the other team captains. I didn’t know it was you until you made one move that exposed yourself.”

At that, Xu Cheng looked at Li Dazhuang, who was looking like an idiot at that moment. “I purposely paused the cooperation with the special police force and worked with the other teams in the criminal investigation unit. I knew Chang Qing would be the most anxious one at that moment, and he would for sure call the mole to tell him that he must find out what my next move would be. At that moment, you jumped out and came to interrogate me with such a grandiose excuse. I know you didn’t really care about the special police force sharing the credit, but you really wanted to bundle our units together so you could relay my next move to Chang Qing in time. So, you revealed yourself that time, and I would say, that’s a bit of a rookie move for a self-proclaimed experienced cop.”

Li Dazhuang gritted his teeth. “You got it all right. I’m the mole inside the police force, but beside Chang Qing, you have no other solid evidence to press charges against me.”

Xu Cheng: “Chang Qing’s enough, and he will testify. If you don’t believe me, let’s just wait and see.”

After saying that, Xu Cheng turned around and left.

Li Dazhuang directly pulled out his gun and pointed it at Xu Cheng’s back, but he was not stupid. There were so many police officers outside, and they would definitely charge in after hearing the gunshot. At that moment, he would go to jail for sure. Seeing how Xu Cheng was walking away like the victor, he angrily gritted his teeth, feeling like he had been played by Xu Cheng from the beginning to the end. It was really an infuriating feeling to not be able to retaliate. Even at that moment, he really wanted to kill Xu Cheng, but Xu Cheng still predicted that he would not have the balls to shoot.

Li Dazhuang got so furious that he put his gun back into the holster and kicked over the sofa inside the bedroom.

Not long after, Li Chao and Wu Gang came in and said to him, “You are been accused of colluding with West Gate, please come back with us and accept an investigation.”

As Li Chao said this, he took out a pair of handcuffs, but Li Dazhuang immediately glared back and snorted, “Wait until the charges are proven first! I’m a police officer, no one should dare to put cuffs on me.”

Then, he left the villa and got into the police car.

At HQ, inside the interrogation room, Xu Cheng said to Chang Qing who was sitting across from him, “There’s not enough evidence to press charges against you, so you are free to go.”

Chang Qing thought he was hearing it wrong and he immediately looked up and asked, “I can go?”

Xu Cheng nodded.

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