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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 125.2

Chapter 125: Bait (Part two)

Chang Qing shook his head and said right away, “No, no no no no no, I can’t go. I’m guilty.”

He indeed came in on purpose. If he were to roam outside the police HQ, who knew what those South Asian gangsters would do to him! Those people were all professional killers!

Xu Cheng’s assistant, Wu Gang, who was sitting beside Xu Cheng, looked at him strangely. It was the first time he heard someone saying they were guilty and that they wanted to stay in jail.

“Don’t interfere with our fair judgement. You are not guilty, so you are free to go,” Xu Cheng said again.

Chang Qing directly rose up and shouted, “Weren’t you thinking about bringing me to justice every day? I’m here! Why declare I’m innocent after taking me in? Why place so many officers around my villa monitoring me? Let me tell you, I’m the hidden boss behind West Gate, and I’m inseparable with the development that West Gate was able to make throughout the years. Didn’t you always want to know who was behind the giant empire that is West Gate? It’s me!”

“You?” Wu Gang acted like he wasn’t buying a word the guy was saying, and he even sneered, “Just you? Come on, just go fantasize somewhere else. Hurry, you can leave now.”

Then, Xu Cheng got up, packed up, and left. Wu Gang also followed him out.

Then, someone came in, unlocked Chang Qing’s cuffs for him, and said to him, “The door’s over there, you can leave now.”

Chang Qing just sat there, as if he really didn’t want to leave. “How much does it cost to stay here per night?”

The officer thought he had heard wrong. “Did you hit your head somewhere? Hurry up, we are fair and just, and we wouldn’t keep someone here if they didn’t commit a crime.”

“I did!” Chang Qing immediately said.

The officer felt that this guy must’ve gone insane, so he just ignored him and left.

When Chang Qing got out and entered the corridor, he saw the officers walking past him, bustling with the heavy workload these days. Suddenly, he pulled out a lighter from his pocket and threw it at one of the officer’s head. Immediately, that officer got furious and directly came over, wanting to beat him up.

“Are you assaulting an officer? Do you know where you are? You still dare to hit an officer in the police HQ? You think I won’t arrest you on the spot?”

Chang Qing nodded. “Yeah, I deliberately assaulted you. How many days are you going to detain me for?”

That officer was so mad, and when he wanted to cuff him up and take him behind bars, Li Chao directly came over and said, “This guy has mental issues, just let him go. He’s constantly fantasizing about getting arrested, maybe contact the hospital instead.”

The officer that got hit in the head paused for a moment. If he was really someone with mental illness, then they wouldn’t be able to press charges against him.

Li Chao directly dragged Chang Qing towards the door, out of the gate, and then had the security guards keep him out.

Chang Qing felt extremely anxious. Since he couldn’t hide in jail, he could only run away and hide first.

After he left, by the window on the third floor, Xu Cheng said to Wu Gang, “Keep a close eye on him.”

Wu Gang nodded. “Boss, since this guy’s an accomplice to the other three old men, why not arrest him too?”

Xu Cheng replied, “We only have this big bait left, so we are going to make good use of him. The transfer agreements seized today at the port was the collateral he put up to borrow money from the underground money house. If those people not only lost 1.5 billion but also didn’t get the transfer of ownership agreements, then they would come and find him. If we want to catch the people from the underground money house, we can only use Chang Qing as bait.”

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  1. Oh wow! I love the flow. Thanks for the mass release and bonus chapters

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