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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 126.1

Chapter 126: Lin Dong Asking to Become an Apprentice (Part one)

Sitting inside her apartment, Lin Chuxue was holding a newspaper. It was the morning news of Shangcheng, and the largest casino in the city being shut down had already become a hot topic. During this event, core figures behind West Gate were detained for investigation.

Reading this, Lin Chuxue knew that West Gate’s era had come to an end.

She sighed. “He really changed. Within a month, West Gate and North Gate were both reduced to lingering on their last breaths. He really is capable.”

On the side, Lin Guiren pushed up his reading glasses and said, “Yeah, he’s a lot better now, but he would sooner or later go pull that Ye Family string. Chuxue, that’s his choice, so you should just come back to Britain with us.”

Lin Chuxue bitterly smiled. “Dad, what about this marriage then?”

Lin Guiren sighed. “Daughter, Dad knows that you still accepted this marriage despite Xu Cheng rejecting it on that night I brought it up because you were thankful for all that he had done for you over the years. You are my daughter, you think I don’t know my daughter enough to know that she’s only grateful for what Xu Cheng did but doesn’t actually love him? Now, you came back to the country with him for four years, and you two had been each doing your own thing. If that’s going to be the case for the future too, then you should just come home with us and not put yourself in any more risk here.”

Lin Chuxue didn’t say anything, and her eyes rested on a pair of fish kissing inside the water tank.

At night, by an open-roof bar beside the river, Shen Yao, Xu Cheng, and Ran Jing raised their glasses.


Shen Yao happily looked at Xu Cheng and said, “You almost scared me to death that day. Thank god I pretended to go to the washroom and then left from the side door. I knew West Gate’s people would for sure follow me, Do you think that if they found out I was there to snipe Joseph on purpose, they would send a dozen men after me and violate me?”

Xu Cheng looked at her like he was looking at an alien and said, “You really like to be violated that much?”

“Go away!” Shen Yao retorted, but then she began laughing out loud, “Woohoo, we got tons of money!”

Ran Jing sipped on her beer and asked her, “How much did you guys win?”

Shen Yao said satisfyingly, “Almost 3 billion!”

Ran Jing’s eyes opened up wide. “What?!”

Xu Cheng smiled as he poured her another glass. “Almost that much. If we don’t win that much, Joseph wouldn’t have been angry enough to stir up the storm.”

Ran Jing still had no clue about Xu Cheng’s operation. “How much did you guys really go in with?”

Xu Cheng: “To snipe their money-laundering operation, I prepared 1.5 billion yuan for Shen Yao to gamble with.”

Ran Jing looked at Shen Yao, then looked at Xu Cheng as she mockingly asked, “You were not scared that this girl’s brain would cause you to lose all that money? You really do have a big heart.”

Shen Yao immediately glared at Ran Jing. “Hey, what do you mean? What about my brain? I have a really good brain! I’ve kept my innocence like a nun in a profession like mine, isn’t that enough to prove that I have a good brain?”

Ran Jing laughed. “But for real though, how did you guys win that much money? Logically speaking, those clients that were there to launder money probably had help from the casino?”

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