Chapter 127: Can See the Whole World’s Scenery (Part one)

“Little brat, what are you talking about!” Ran Jing glared at him.

Lin Dong bitterly smiled and quietly asked, “You two aren’t Brother Cheng’s girlfriends?”

Xu Cheng replied right away, “No.”

Then, he glanced at Lin Dong. “What are you doing?”

Lin Dong looked around and said, “There’s no tea here to do the ritual, so I used these skewers instead. Brother Cheng, please teach me martial arts. I’ve been paying attention to you for a long time now.”

“What martial arts? Go back to studying, why’s your mind on fighting all day? Don’t you see that North Gate’s all done? Studying and making money is the right path.” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at him.

Lin Dong was still not giving up. “If I follow that path, I won’t make more money than my dad anyways, and our family doesn’t need money. I want to reach the highest achievement in my hobbies instead.”

Xu Cheng was speechless. “Little brat, I won’t teach you martial arts. If you are not going home, then I will first teach you a lesson.”

Lin Dong got nervous right away. “No, no, please, I’m being very sincere.”

Xu Cheng passed him an empty plate and replied, “Just go.”

Lin Dong took the plate and put it back onto the table, and then he gritted his teeth and said to Xu Cheng, “I won’t give up.” Then, he left.

Shen Yao curiously looked at Lin Dong, and then she smiled and said to Xu Cheng, “From his appearance, he seems to be someone from a well-off family. Why were you so determined with your rejection?”

“He’s a rebellious teenager with an unstable mind. If I taught him how to fight, then the students at his high school will probably suffer. Look at him, dying his hair blonde and also wearing ear studs, what’s the difference between that and a thug? Even if I’m not a police officer, I wouldn’t accept an apprentice like him.”

Lin Dong, who hadn’t walked too far, also heard everything Xu Cheng just said. He paused for a moment, touched his hair and ear studs, and then he got onto his brother Young Master Lin’s car.

“Seeing how dejected you are, that guy rejected you?” His big brother smiled and said, “If you want to learn martial arts, I will just sign up a class for you, and you can pick a type you want. Why are you so stubborn about learning from that guy?”

Lin Dong didn’t say anything. He laid against the seat, lit a cigarette, and took a smoke. However, when his mind recalled what Xu Cheng just said, he immediately threw out the cigarette. Then, he said to his big brother, “Drive me to the hair salon.”

Young Master Lin drove as he asked, “Doing another style?”

Lin Dong: “Dying my hair back to black.”

Young Master Lin immediately turned around to look at his little brother. “What did you just say?”

At that moment, Lin Dong just took off his ear studs and threw it out of the window.

Young Master Lin’s eyes opened up wide right away. “Those costs over 50 thousand yuan!”

Lin Dong didn’t care at all, and when they got to the hair salon, he walked straight in.

When Xu Cheng and the others were almost done eating and ready to get up and pay the bill, Lin Dong came running to the three again, but this time, with black hair. His ear studs were also gone.

Lin Dong looked at Xu Cheng sincerely and said, “Please consider it, I have a lot of allowance every month. It’s enough for Master, you, to eat whatever you want.”

On the side, Ran Jing couldn’t help but laugh out, and she gave a look to Shen Yao, feeling like Lin Dong’s line sounded extremely familiar.

Shen Yao also had an odd expression, because this reminded her of what she once said to Xu Cheng, and she was also rejected…

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