Chapter 128: Someone Wants to Fish in Troubled Water (Part one)

At home, Lin Chuxue struggled for a whole day and finally said to Mommy and Daddy Lin, “Mom, Dad, I’ve made up my mind.”

“That’s good, we shouldn’t stay in Huaxia for too long too and you have to go back sooner or later. If you made up your mind, then let’s book the flights home.” Then, Lin Guiren said to his son Lin Lei, “Book 4 flight tickets tomorrow night. It will be easier to get over jet lag if we fly at that time.”

Lin Chuxue looked up to her father and faintly said, “No need to book 4 tickets, I’m not going back.”

The Lin couple was shocked and they both looked at her. “You are staying?”

Lin Chuxue nodded. “Yep.”

Lin Guiren: “But I told you that staying is too-”

“Dad, I’m not staying for him,” Lin Chuxue looked at Lin Guiren and said, “I still have my career here. If I leave like this, then it wouldn’t be fair for my fans, and the entertainment company you invested in would lose most of its revenue source. You might lose money in this investment then.”

Lin Guiren: “I don’t care about that little money.”

Lin Chuxue: “I know, but I also don’t want to be the reason you lose money. I will have to think of something to do if I get back, so I might as well keep working hard at the entertainment company I’m in right now. I also made my name known to millions of fans after three years of hard work, so I shouldn’t just let all of this go to waste. I want to be able to make my own dowry, and not have to rely on my family.”

The entire Lin Family looked at Lin Chuxue quietly. After quite a while, Lin Guiren asked, “Are you sure you are not staying behind for Xu Cheng?”

“No, just like what you said, Dad. If my relationship with him would get anywhere, something would’ve happened already. When the time comes for him to fall for someone else, then we will talk about divorce.” Lin Chuxue sighed.

Lin Guiren: “If that’s the case, then let Lei stay and take care of you.”

Lin Chuxue paused for a moment, and then she immediately rejected his proposal. “No.”

Lin Lei bitterly smiled. “Sis, you don’t have to decline that fast.”

“You think I still don’t know your temper? You are just going to chill all day, and who knows how many girls in the entertainment industry will fall prey to you?” Lin Chuxue glared at her little brother.

“Sis, are we blood related? Why you gotta do me like this,” Lin Lei pouted.

“You think I still don’t know you? What, you got tired of playing in Britain so you want to come to Huaxia now?” Lin Chuxue snorted. This little brother of hers was a big player, completely the opposite of his quiet sister. Back in Britain, he would always get into trouble and have his dad clean up after him.

Lin Guiren: “I know what Huaxia’s entertainment industry is like, and that’s why I will feel more assured with Lin Lei staying here.”

Lin Lei nodded. “Sis, I know we don’t have as much influence in Huaxia, so I definitely know not to cause trouble. Also, Dad won’t be supporting me anymore financially, so I wouldn’t be able to act like a spoiled rich heir anymore. But if I can rely on my handsome looks and become someone’s sugar baby, then you can’t blame me when that happens.”

Lin Chuxue directly grabbed him by the ear. “So, you are going to sound so righteous while talking about becoming someone’s sugar baby when you are a grown-azz man?”

“Ouch, Sis, stop,” Lin Lei immediately begged, “You are an elegant princess to the masses, so you should pay attention to your image.”

“How can I teach you a lesson if I pay attention to my image?” Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes. “I just have to be straightforwardly brutal to deal with you.”

“I feel bad for my brother-in-law, having a crush on you since childhood. You turned out to be a devil,” Lin Lei exclaimed.

“You are still talking?” Lin Chuxue applied more force with her hand.

“Ahh, I’ll stop, I’ll stop!” Lin Lie immediately begged, “I promise, I won’t say to the public that I’m your little brother and I won’t cause any trouble.”

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