Chapter 128: Someone Wants to Fish in Troubled Water (Part two)

“Okay, remember what you said. If you cause trouble for me, then go back to Britain right away.” Lin Chuxue turned to her parents and snorted, a bit displeased, “You two are now pretty freed up. Did you just come here this time to drop this troublemaker off with me?”

Lin Guiren coughed, picked up the newspaper, crossed his legs, and pretended to not hear the question.

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes to express how speechless she was.

At night, Chang Qing made a call with a new number.


“It’s me, Chang Qing.”

On the other end of the call, the guy’s eyes lit up. “Where are you?”

“Old Chen, help me out,” Chang Qing pleaded, “Help me get through this difficult period, and I will thank you big time in the future.”

“How do I help? Now, those from South Asia are asking about your whereabouts everywhere. Mr. Hetian was furious enough to eat you. East Gate doesn’t have the capabilities to help you.”

Chang Qing deepened his voice. “Yes, you can. Your East Gate controls the largest port trade in Shangcheng and has the strongest foundation among the four gangs because everyone’s business needs to involve you. So, you have the influence. Please help a brother out. North Gate’s down, and now West Gate’s almost done too. We are the legendary four Gates, you can’t just watch us die.”

“Big Brother Chang, you also know that the underground world’s influence is weakening, and the right path is to immediately wash ourselves clean and get into legal businesses. The city officials all hope that the four Gates can disappear, despite how hard we are trying not to break the law. Your West Gate just got into trouble, and at this time, I think the most important thing for South Gate and us East Gate to do is not to get ourselves involved in this. Can you understand?”

“But you know very well that in the beginning, the operation to assassinate Xu Cheng was a solution planned together by the three Gates. Now that this tiger has bitten a huge chunk of meat off of West Gate and we are dying, can you really just stand by and watch it happen? Do you think that with Xu Cheng’s temper, after erasing North and West Gate, they will leave you two alone?”

“Why not? There’s no eternal enemy in this world, only when the benefits are not enough. If there’s something to blame, then you can only blame it on your West Gate dealing in shady business these years, doing all of that money-laundering.”


Chang Qing snorted, “Don’t just bash us, are you implying that your East Gate didn’t take advantage of your control over the port to smuggle? We all do shady business, or I wouldn’t have asked you for help.”

The other end of the line paused for a moment, and then he asked, “You haven’t told me, where are you?”

Chang Qing: “If possible, I can come to you.”

“No, you think the police don’t have eyes on you? Right now I can’t possibly meet up with you. How about this. Give me your address, and I will get my guy to pick you up. He will find a way to get you out of the police’s sight, and then we can talk.”
Chang Qing: “That works too, get your guy to come.”

After hanging up, in a villa, Old Chen smiled as he put down his phone. Then, he said to his bodyguard, “Get someone with a clean background over. Remember, you must get Chang Qing to sign, and then he must die!”

The bodyguard standing behind him nodded respectfully and left.

After Xu Cheng left the bar, he got Li Chao’s call. He nervously said, “Boss, Chang Qing’s lawyer got killed at his place, and all the asset documents under Chang Qing’s name, which were in the lawyer’s hands, were taken.”

Xu Cheng: “Someone wants to fish in the troubled waters. Where’s Chang Qing right now?”

“Four Seasons Hotel. He used his lawyer’s ID and opened that room, so no one knows it’s him.”

Xu Cheng directly drove his own car to the Four Seasons Hotel.

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