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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 129.1

Chapter 129: Eating Popcorn (Part one)

After arriving at the Four Seasons hotel, Xu Cheng got off the car. He already knew which room Chang Qing was in, and he also knew that the underground money house and some other forces may come for Chang Qing. One billion dollars of debt was not a small number, and if Chang Qing’s life was put on a bounty list in the criminal underworld, the value would be over a couple million dollars for sure for the amount of money he owed other people.

In fact, that Old Chen of East Gate, who wanted to fish in troubled waters, had a simple plan, and it was to take this opportunity to kill Chang Qing. Then, not only could he give two casinos to the underground money house, he could also keep two while doing all of this as a favor to those that were after Chang Qing.

The four Gates indeed needed to forget about the past and reinvent themselves, or they would forever be tagged as criminal organizations. The collapse of the four Gates era might be the only way to get rid of that tag, so if the collapse of North Gate and West Gate could completely satisfy the officials, then East Gate wouldn’t mind sacrificing those two. If the four Gates all stayed in power and dragged on the stalemate, then all four Gates would progress towards doom. So, sometimes, some people need to become cannon fodder.

So, Old Chen orchestrated all of this, instigating West Gate which already had a grudge with Xu Cheng to kill him after the fall of North Gate, hoping to get some face back for the four Gates.

But, Old Chen was smart because he only showed his approval but didn’t participate. The whole thing was executed by Master Qin of West Gate. But, little did they expect that the little officer would not be easy to deal with at all. Now, not only did the plan fall through, they also got bitten back. Just like a very low-key snake hiding in the forest; when he suddenly bites you, no one knows if the snake’s poison was deadly or not. Right now, West Gate was in that state of waiting to find out.

Xu Cheng came to the floor Chang Qing was on. He activated his penetrating vision and looked into that room. What made him want to laugh was, that old fox wasn’t inside. What a sly old man.

Then, Xu Cheng came to the lobby, showed his badge to the manager and then came with him to the surveillance room. From there, he saw the footage of Chang Qing checking in and also when he left. Just half an hour ago, he last appeared in the surveillance at the underground parking lot.

Not long after, a man in a trenchcoat went up in an elevator. After getting out, he immediately walked towards Chang Qing’s room. It was unknown why he had the room key, but he opened the door with ease while having a pair of gloves on. Then, he suddenly pulled out his gun and went into the room.

There was no one inside, and Xu Cheng saw the killer nonchalantly rummaging around the room. Then, he hid inside the bathroom, probably thinking about waiting for Chang Qing to get back and then killing him.

After awhile, another person came out from the elevator. He was in a pair of shades, which was quite odd to be wearing at night. He was in a suit and was carrying a file bag. He also had a master key and easily opened the door when he got to Chang Qing’s room.

It was a little dim inside, and the only light source was the neon lights from the high-rise buildings in the city shining into the building.

Seeing that no one was in the room, his keen senses as a hitman told him his target was probably hiding somewhere.

He began walking towards the washroom, and the killer in the trench coat hiding inside pointed his gun at the bathroom door. He was planning to shoot the moment the door opened.

The man in a suit wasn’t in a hurry to open the door to the bathroom, as he played a little trick instead. He first turned on the light, and immediately, the bathroom became as bright as day, scaring the killer in the trench coat to instinctively pull the trigger at the door that was still closed. Then, the man in the suit suddenly turned the light off, and twisting the doorknob, he opened the door and began making consecutive shots towards the inside!

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