Chapter 130: Cooperation (Part two)

Xu Cheng: “I’m laughing at how familiar those words sound. The thugs of North Gate used to tell me that too back when I was just a patrol officer. Back then, they couldn’t be more arrogant, as if killing me would be as easy as stepping on an ant. Faced with people like them, you don’t have to argue because it’s pointless, and I just like to answer with my actions. For thugs like them, I would arrest them whenever I saw them and then beat them if they didn’t cooperate. Later on, they got beaten so much that they got scared. The lesson I learned was, when dealing with people like you guys, there’s no need to get wordy. If talk is all that’s needed to save your corroded hearts, then you wouldn’t be the four Gates. The only solution is to fight first. In the past, maybe because of my title, even your lackeys looked down at me. But now, do you think I’m qualified to speak with you face to face?”

At that moment, Xu Cheng mockingly glanced at Chang Qing, and Chang Qing faintly replied, “Why do you have to deal with the four Gates? We have no grudges with you.”

Xu Cheng: “Isn’t that simple? It’s just that when you guys are doing your usual bullying of ordinary citizens, you accidentally bullied someone with a bad temper. I’ve always been looked down upon in my childhood, and when I went to the army, I told myself that I will teach whoever looks down on me again a lesson. After I got out of the army, I thought, if I’m going to make some changes to my life, then I should set a small goal first. For example, why not just erase all four Gates of Shangcheng first.”

Chang Qing almost coughed up blood upon hearing this. How did the power giants that had been deeply rooted into Shangcheng for centuries become a small goal in your mouth?

“Little Brat, I wasn’t even as arrogant as you when I first stepped into society.”

Xu Cheng sneered and looked at him with disdain. “That’s because you guys were on your bare feet, but I have the nation behind me. Isn’t it obvious who can be more arrogant?”


This time, Chang Qing really wanted to cough up blood.

Xu Cheng: “Cooperate with me.”

Chang Qing: “Are you joking? You want me to cooperate with you? Is cooperating with you going to excuse me from jail time?”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to. You have two options. First, you can choose to not cooperate. However, know that I already got all the evidence of back when you and your three bros robbed the bank, caused a huge number of deaths and injuries, and then found four scapegoats to close the case. The charges you can get from that alone are enough to get you a death sentence. As for the second option, if you cooperate with me and fish out the big underground money house, then you can get some redemption and live out the rest of your life in prison.”

Chang Qing was furious. “What’s the difference then? My freedom is gone either way!”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Of course there’s a difference. If you are alive, there will still be countless possibilities. But, if you are dead, then you truly lose everything. Just think about it, it’s not hard to see why you four wanted to stay behind the curtains to control West Gate. In fact, everyone will become more terrified of death as they grow older. You still have kids and grandkids, and if you are still alive, then you can at least see your families on a schedule. But if you choose the first option, then your crime from 20 years ago will surface, and what would your family think of you even after your death sentence? I don’t even have to use that case from 20 years ago to give you the death sentence. How long do you think you can survive with how things are looking right now? Although you are blackmailing East Gate, that’s just pushing yourself towards death even faster.”

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