Chapter 131: This Madman (Part one)

After hearing Xu Cheng’s words, Chang Qing suddenly laughed. It was a bitter and pathetic laugh, as he never thought that things would one day come down to this for him.

“Since you could track me down, that means the eyes from East Gate can also find me. If you want me to cooperate and get you the location of the underground money house, then we will have to see if you have the capabilities. I predict that, right now, East Gate and the underground money house’s assassins are already on their way. You want me to cooperate? Okay, but that will depend on if you have what it takes to bring me back to the police HQ alive. To be honest, if those people really want me to die, then even with the help of the police, I will still die. That’s why I sneered at your proposal.”

“Get into my car, I will take you back to the police HQ,” Xu Cheng raised his eyebrows and said.

Chang Qing: “Can I trust you?”

Xu Cheng: “Do you have any other options right now?”

As he said this, he got off the car and unlocked his own.

Chang Qing was still hesitating when Xu Cheng drove the car to his and said, “Taking down two Gates is enough to scare the other two into behaving better in the future, and that’s basically what I wanted. If you decline, then I won’t be at any loss. I will give you 10 seconds to think, and when that time’s up, I’m leaving. Before South Gate can protect you, you will die here first.”

Chang Qing’s pupils slightly shrunk, and within three seconds, he popped into the passenger seat, but Xu Cheng said, “Go sit in the back. There is more room there for you to hide.”

Chang Qing then popped into the back seat.

Xu Cheng started the car and drove out of the parking lot, almost running right into a van.

Chang Qing instinctively lowered his head. In that van, a scar-faced man stopped before Xu Cheng’s car and stared at him for a while. Finally, Xu Cheng honked the horn. “Please move out of the way.”

Scarface put the car in reverse and moved, and Xu Cheng’s car passed right by his. Scarface raised his phone and said, “It’s a Santana, license plate *****. The target should be in the car. Don’t let them get back to the police station. It’s up to you guys now.”

“Got it.”

“Got it.”

Xu Cheng heard the conversation on the van, and he directly stepped on the gas. When he got toan intersection in the main road, he stopped to wait for red light. Just then, a sedan from the other side drove straight towards him. Xu Cheng instinctively put the drive in reverse and stepped on the gas, making the car immediately back up and drift about 360 degrees to dodge the sedan. Then, without waiting for the red light, Xu Cheng stepped on the gas again and charged straight forward.

After that sedan missed, it turned around right away and followed right after.

“They are travelling north on Jiaoling Road, intercept him!” the killer inside the sedan said to the mic.

Xu Cheng dodged two more sedans that were deliberately trying to cause an accident and headed forward. Just then, a giant truck came over and began making a turn. Due to its long body, the entire street was temporarily blocked off.

Chang Qing’s face changed right away at the sight of this. “That’s East Gate’s truck!”

Xu Cheng obviously wouldn’t try to hit that truck’s body with his little sh8tbox. He had no choice but to step on the brakes, borrowing that momentum to make a 180-degree drift and preparing to go back the way he came from.

But, who knew that the sedan that initially tried to run into them also caught up.

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