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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 131.2

Chapter 131: This Madman (Part two)

“Are we going to die here?” Chang Qing’s voice was trembling.

Xu Cheng: “He knows I’m an officer, right?”

Chang Qing: “They are doing this because you are the police officer! It’s basically killing two birds with one stone, don’t you get it? Once you die, then the other two Gates will have nothing to worry about, and the whole storm will calm. And if I die, then I won’t have the chance to expose them.”

Xu Cheng suddenly changed gears, and then he stepped on the brakes and the gas at the same time. The wheels began spinning on the spot, rubbing out white smoke. At that instant, Xu Cheng let go of the brakes, and the hundred-horsepower engine shot the car forward like a mustang out of the gate.

Chang Qing saw Xu Cheng actually wanted to go directly head on with that assassin’s sedan, and his face immediately lost color. “Are you crazy?”

Xu Cheng wasn’t nervous at all as he said to Chang Qing, “Hold on tight. My car’s modified, there are airbags, but it will be up to your luck if you can survive or not.”

On the other side, the assassin in the sedan didn’t expect Xu Cheng to charge towards him at all. When he saw Xu Cheng’s sedan speeding towards him like a bullet, his face slightly changed.

“What is he doing?”

Does he want to commit suicide and take me down with him?

Does he really dare?

At that thought, the hitman gritted his teeth. He believed that Xu Cheng definitely wouldn’t have the guts! So, he stepped on the gas and also began speeding towards Xu Cheng.

If the two of them were to collide at that speed, they would definitely die! No matter how safe the car was, it would be completely destroyed under such a violent impact. Not to mention the people inside, the whole car would be scrapped!

The two cars were getting closer by the second.

Chang Qing could barely breathe, and he wanted to immediately open the door and duck and roll. Who knew that the door would be locked, and he couldn’t even kick it open.

Xu Cheng’s eyes were locked at the front, and his speed wasn’t slowing down at all. The two cars were only about a few hundred meters away, and there were only a dozen seconds left until impact.

Although a dozen seconds seems to be not that short, it was a long and gruesome moment of suffering for Chang Qing and that hitman. The killer’s hand on the wheel gripped tighter and tighter, and he didn’t believe Xu Cheng would really hit him!

He didn’t believe it!

There were only about a few seconds left!

The killer’s eyes stared wide open, and when there were only about 2 seconds left, he became scared! He really was scared! Assassins weren’t afraid of death, but it must be worth it. Normally, they were the ones doing the killing, and those that got taken down with the target clearly weren’t good at their jobs. So, when he ran into a madman that clearly wasn’t afraid of death, he got scared, really scared!

Chang Qing’s hands were tightly gripped onto the grab handle above his head and he had his eyes shut, not daring to look at the brutal tragedy that was about to take place. His heart almost jumped up to his throat.

Just one second before the two cars were about to collide into each other, Xu Cheng was still not thinking about moving out of the way. He even crazily let go off the steering wheel, with his hands up high as he revealed a madman-like smile. Seeing that crazy and creepy smile through the car’s transparent windshield, the assassin’s heart trembled!

This bustard really didn’t mind committing suicide!

He even let go off the wheel and drove the car straight towards him!

Suddenly, the assassin couldn’t stand the torment anymore. He gritted his teeth as he swirled the vehicle out of the way immediately.

But with the killer moving out of the way, Xu Cheng’s car directly rushed past him into the distance, leaving behind the killer covered in cold sweat, who gritted his teeth as he muttered, “He’s crazy!”

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      Sometimes, you just gotta thank god for the blessing you received from him. Even when trying to ,…euhmmm, giving your client a ride to his destination

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