Chapter 132: Do I Have Any Other Options? (Part one)

When Chang Qing opened his eyes again, he had almost suffocated from holding his breath. He only dared to open them after hearing the screaky tire noises of the other car. Seeing that the car he was in had passed through safely but still being terrified, he immediately cursed at Xu Cheng, “Are you trying to kill yourself?”

Xu Cheng glanced at Chang Qing from the rear view mirror and said in disdain, “Can’t stand this kind of pressure? How did you guys rule the streets earlier?”

Chang Qing didn’t know how to refute that remark for a while, but his mouth was still trembling as he said, “Aren’t you scared?”

“I am,” Xu Cheng frankly said, “but the assassins are even more scared than me. Normally, it’s the assassins that do the killing, and if they could think of another way to take down their target, then they for sure wouldn’t pick the way that involves them dying as well. So, this guy isn’t dumb enough to trade his own life for our lives.”

Chang Qing looked at Xu Cheng’s back and slowly said, “What did you do before all this? I’ve never heard of you. It seems like it’s no coincidence that North Gate and West Gate fell to their current states.”

Xu Cheng’s tone reeked of disdain. “I turned your precious West Gate upside down. You are probably desperate to skin me alive and drink my blood, but instead, you are complimenting me. Do you think I don’t know you are trying to buff my confidence so I drop my guard against you?”

Chang Qing sighed. “A guy at your age shouldn’t have this kind of intelligence.”

Xu Cheng: “I was forced to have it.”

The car stopped at an intersection waiting for red light, and at that moment, a cross-country motorcycle came up from the rear. The motorcycle rider was wearing a helmet and was fully covered in a special suit. Under normal circumstances, it wasn’t odd at all. But it was in the middle of the night with no sun, and he also just happened to park right beside Xu Cheng’s car instead of anyone else’s. This raised a red flag for Xu Cheng.

Before Chang Qing could even react to the rider, Xu Cheng noticed that he was reaching into his jacket to pull out something. Suddenly, Xu Cheng slammed open the door, knocking the motorcycle rider down onto the ground, and the pistol he was reaching for subsequently dropped to the ground.

Xu Cheng immediately stepped on the gas and took off as the light turned green.

Looking at the killer on the ground behind them, Chang Qing’s heart was still pounding hard. “How did you know he was after us?”

Xu Cheng continued on driving as he said, “We weren’t the first ones waiting at the red light, there were still two cars in front of us. As a motorcyclist, he could just go up and stop beside the first car, yet he chose to stop right beside us. Of course he was suspicious.”

In fact, Xu Cheng’s eyes already saw the gun on that killer, so he knocked him over before he had the chance to pull it out!

Chang Qing’s heart was pounding. “Looks like East Gate wants me dead too, why aren’t the people of South Gate here yet.”

Xu Cheng sneered, “If they are going to be here, they would’ve came a long time ago. You really think you can rely on South Gate? East Gate and the underground money house won’t let us successfully go back to the Police HQ tonight.”

Chang Qing was really nervous and he quickly moved over and said in a hoarse voice, “Officer Xu, you said you would protect me.”

Xu Cheng: “I didn’t say that. I just said if you give the police what they want, they will save you from the death penalty, but you still get a life-sentence. You can also choose to not cooperate.”

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