Chapter 132: Do I Have Any Other Options? (Part two)

Just as he said that, at the turn, a truck suddenly charged right at them.

Xu Cheng’s powerful vision had noticed it a long time ago, and he immediately turned the steering wheel to avoid the impact of that truck and drove off into another direction. The truck also turned around quickly and went after it. It was clear that they didn’t plan on letting Xu Cheng off this easily and get back to the Police HQ.

“How much longer until we get back?” Chang Qing anxiously asked Xu Cheng.

“At least three more crossroads, so about 5 kilometers.”

Just as he said that, the car violently shook. The truck behind them was already bumping into Xu Cheng’s car. There were quite a lot of cars on the road so Xu Cheng couldn’t drive too fast, thus the truck was able to quickly catch up to them and bump them.

Xu Cheng immediately began analyzing all the road sections in front of them, and he saw that there was an alley that could lead directly to another main road.

“It looks like they had planned from the beginning to force us to leave the main road leading to the Police HQ, making it easier for them to take care of us in a more remote place,” Xu Cheng quickly said.

The main roads were wide and large, so it wasn’t convenient for killers to carry out assassinations. There would also be too many traffic police patrols on those road sections.

Seeing the alley coming up, Xu Cheng suddenly turned the steering wheel, driving the car into the alley.

The truck immediately followed behind, but then the driver realized it was a narrow alley; the truck’s body was too big and got stuck.

“Fack!” The killer cursed as he picked up the phone and said, “He’s driving towards the mainroad. Hurry and block off the other end of the alley.”

Xu Cheng underestimated the killers that East Gate had trained over the years. He didn’t expect that although low in numbers, their operations had great synergy. Clearly, the string of assassination attempts on the road were very natural and they were right on point in terms of timing and location. Just the past 3 times alone, if Xu Cheng wasn’t being careful, it would’ve ended in a horrible traffic accident. More importantly, the killers also didn’t reveal their faces.

“Looks like it’s quite easy for these guys to kill whoever they want, even the police won’t be able to do anything about it if they just push it onto traffic accidents,” Xu Cheng sighed.

Chang Qing also said with a weak voice, “I didn’t expect to receive this treatment one day too.”

Just as he said that, he noticed Xu Cheng’s car suddenly coming to a stop. He immediately looked up, and then his face was paled, because the other end of the valley was already blocked off by a van.

Then, three people came out of the van. Since it was night time, the alley was very dark and their faces were covered by shadows. But Chang Qing knew that these three were all killers.

Chang Qing suddenly began laughing. “I didn’t expect to die and also be able to drag you down to hell with me. That’s not a bad ending. You destroyed West Gate, so taking you down with me isn’t a bad option too.”

Xu Cheng felt that this guy was probably going a bit crazy thinking that he couldn’t live anymore, so he tried to comfort him. “I’m an officer, they won’t just come at me this directly, right?”

Chang Qing sneered, “At this time, those people were all desperate to kill you. Who knows if you are going to go after East Gate after taking down West Gate.”

Xu Cheng: “About what I said earlier, did you make a decision? Are you planning to die here or live in prison?”

Chang Qing looked at him and said, “At this time, do I have any choice other than death?”

Xu Cheng: “Yes.”

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