Chapter 133: I Definitely Wouldn’t Want to Provoke You (Part one)

“I do?”

Chang Qing narrowed his eyes. “How do you still have the confidence to say that at a time like this? You don’t think they dare to kill you? Even if you called for backup right now, your men will only come here to find you dead on the ground.”

Xu Cheng said to him, “Just stay in the car, don’t come out.”

Then, Xu Cheng got out of the car. Looking at the three men in trench coats in the dark alley, Xu Cheng could see the guns by their waists.

“Before dying, can you tell me if you guys were sent by East Gate or the underground money house?”

The assassin leading the group said in broken Huaxia language, “Why do you care? Why not go see the hell king with that question and ask him yourself?”

Xu Cheng: “I’m just a really curious guy. Since I was a kid, I would always try to get to the bottom of everything. If you guys don’t tell me, then I really won’t be able to die with a smile. But hearing your accent, I think I know the answer. If I’m not wrong, you guys are probably from the Wei Nation. You guys work for the underground money house and Mr. Hetian, right?”

The killer sneered, “Looks like it wasn’t just luck that you were able to take down North and West Gate. You are qualified to win our respect, and killing you won’t damage our reputation.”

Xu Cheng: “Why must you guys kill Chang Qing?”

Killer: “You seized more than a billion yuan in cash. With such a loss, do you think this guy still has a reason to live?”

Just at that moment, Chang Qing popped his head out of the car and shouted, “I still have four casino licenses, we can still discuss!”

“Shut up!” Xu Cheng looked back and glared at him.

That killer laughed in disdain. “Mr. Chang, you know how things work. Didn’t you hear about your lawyer dying last night at home?”

Chang Qing’s face slightly changed.

The killer continued to talk mockingly, “After you die, wouldn’t everything be set if we just put your finger print on those documents?”

Chang Qing took out his trump card and said, “I still have the footage of the East Gate’s hitman killing the South Asian drug lord’s hitman. I can send the footage to the drug lord, and by then, East Gate won’t be able to face the drug lord too.”

The killer immediately laughed upon hearing that. “Mr. Chang, you also said that you have four casino licenses. Then, how about I try to split the pie? One for the underground money house, one for the drug lord, one for East Gate, and one for South Gate. Do you think that’s just enough?”

Chang Qing’s face drastically changed. “What did you just say? South Gate too?”

Killer: “Yeah, don’t you find it odd that we knew exactly where you were? You asked South Gate for help and told them your whereabouts, and South Gate knew they couldn’t afford to offend three parties. So, instead of eating the heart-wrenching cake by themselves, they thought it would be better to share. Then, they leaked us your whereabouts.”

Chang Qing was stunned as he sat in the car, looking dejected.

At this moment, Xu Cheng laughed. He looked at Chang Qing and mocked, “Is that the so-called brotherhood on the streets? I don’t see brotherhood, but I do see betrayal, each one bigger than the one other!”

Chang Qing bitterly smiled. “Looks like we will both meet our ends here. You aren’t better off yourself.”

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