Chapter 133: I Definitely Wouldn’t Want to Provoke You (Part two)

“Not necessarily,” Xu Cheng said as he came to the side of his car. Suddenly summoning beast-like strength, he grabbed the door and roared with a deep voice, completely dragging the door off of the car, shocking everyone at the scene.

Xu Cheng held the door up in front of me and used it like a shield. Seeing the three killers that were still dumbfounded, he laughed as he said, “Didn’t expect that?”

The three killers immediately pulled out their guns and began shooting. Thank god they were only using pistol bullets and couldn’t penetrate the reinforced door Xu Cheng had pulled off his car. The bullets created sparks as they bounced off of the car door, leaving Xu Cheng completely unharmed.

The three killers immediately fired a few shots at Xu Cheng’s lower half body, which was still exposed. Xu Cheng’s ultrasonic hearing immediately caught the trajectory of those bullets, and lowering the car door, he kneeled down on one knee and blocked another wave of bullets.

“15 bullets!” Xu Cheng silently counted the number of shots fired, and he checked with his penetrating vision and saw that there were indeed no more bullets in their magazines. A pistol of that type should have 6 bullets each for a total of 18 bullets. Now, they fired 15, which mean there were still 3 bullets unused and they were in the chambers!

Xu Cheng tried to trick them and suddenly stood up, causing those three killers to nervously fire the remaining bullets right away at Xu Cheng’s legs. Xu Cheng immediately lowered his car door and blocked the remaining 3 bullets.

At that moment, he stood up, moved the door to the side, and smiled at them. “You guys done?”

Those three paused for a second, and when they tried to pull the trigger again, they realized they were out of bullets!

None of them could fire another shot!

Those three were truly shocked, how did Xu Cheng know they were out of bullets?

Could it be that under the intense bullet rain, he was still able to calmly count the shots fired?

At the thought of this, the three assassins couldn’t help but feel a chill down their backs.

Immediately, they reached into their trench coats for another magazine to reload, but why would Xu Cheng gave them this kind of opportunity? He lifted the door which he had been using as a shield, and then he threw it like a lead ball, from a dozen meters away, sending the door that was full of dents flying furiously over.

The three killers completely didn’t expect Xu Cheng’s arm strength to be this terrifying. That car door didn’t decelerate at all in the air nor travel in an arc, it just flew straight at them. The rectangular door was even spinning like a frisbee, scaring the crap out of the three killers that were trying to reload.

One person reacted quickly and instinctively squatted down, but the other two didn’t react in time. Just when they finished reloading and were about to shoot, they felt a shadow in front of them before getting slammed by a giant metal door in the chest. Puking out blood, they were crushed under the door and couldn’t even get up.

And when the killer that managed to dodge it lifted his arm to aim at Xu Cheng, he shockingly found Xu Cheng, who had been dozen meters away from him a second ago, was right in front of him. Xu Cheng grabbed his hand right away and twisted it.

With a cracking sound, the killer’s miserable cry broke out from the alley.

His broken hand lost all grip, and Xu Cheng immediately grabbed the falling gun and smacked him on his temple, knocking him unconscious.

Xu Cheng put the pistol in his bag, and then he turned around to look at the dumbfounded Chang Qing and said, “Hurry and come over to help carry these guys. I need to take them back to the police station too.”

Chang Qing swallowed his saliva, walked over, and looked at Xu Cheng as if he was looking at a monster.

“If I can be given another chance, I definitely wouldn’t let West Gate provoke you!” Chang Qing said as his heart was jumping around in his chest.

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