Chapter 134: This Person Must Die! (Part one)

After dragging those three people back into their van, Xu Cheng left his sedan there and drove the van back to the police HQ.

Shortly after they left, other killers began arriving batch after batch into the dark alley and saw Xu Cheng’s parked car. However, when they walked over, they didn’t see anyone.

At this moment, some of them began calling those three killers that were supposed to block Xu Cheng off here, but the one that picked up the phone was a stranger’s voice. “If you want to see your colleagues, you can come to the police HQ to visit them.”

Then, the call ended, leaving the killers standing blankly there, not knowing what to do. After realizing what had happened, they called Boss Chen of East Gate.

“Boss, we couldn’t stop them. They already headed to the police HQ.”

“Fack!” Boss Chen swore in a deep voice and then hung up.

Inside the living room, there were two other people sitting there and drinking wine. Hearing the swearing, a bald man looked curiously at Boss Chen and asked, “Failed?”

Boss Chen faintly nodded.

A hint of disappointment flashed past the bald man’s eyes. He looked at Boss Chen and the other guy and snorted, “What do we do now? If he confesses and exposes our dark history, what will happen to us? I gave you guys his whereabouts, and you guys confidently promised that you could take care of him, but what’s happening now? If he gets angry at us betraying him and shakes out our South Gate’s secrets too, then what are we going to do?”

The other man with a small beard above his mouth, Mr. Hetian, waved his hand and said, “Calm down, Mr. Wen Nan. Your Shangcheng is just a city that never sleeps, what secrets are you afraid of getting exposed? West Gate and East Gate’s business natures are different, what are you South Gate afraid of?”

The bald guy Wen Nan said, “I shouldn’t have involved myself in this. If the police finds out that I was involved as well, it would be too easy if they want to screw South Gate over. Just by doing some articles on the food and health safety issues, that one-stop restaurant street will be affected. Besides, who’s going to believe it if we say there’s nothing dirty going on in the spa establishments of our never-sleeping city district? Screw this, if you guys can’t kill that sly old man Chang Qing, then South Gate will no longer involve itself in this. Goodbye.”

Right after Wen Nan said that, he drank the rest of his wine, slammed the door, and left, leaving East Gate’s boss Mr. Chen and underground money house boss Mr. Hetian looking at each other.

Mr. Hetian snorted, “Although the four Gates were able to survive until today, I see that a lot of the elders are scared. There are only a few left that still have the same courage and capabilities as before. Is Mr. Wen Nan scared now?”

“Both North Gate and West Gate got destroyed one after another in less than half month, anyone would be scared.” Old Chen took a drag of his cigar and said, “I’m just really curious about one person right now.”

Mr. Hetian said, “That police tiger guy that became so famous in just 2 months?”

Old Chen nodded. “When North Gate was destroyed, we heard rumors that there was a rookie policeman who was described like a tiger. The four Gates had deeply rooted themselves into the city, and it could be said that Shangcheng has at least 50 years of history where the government and police weren’t in control at all. The streets said this guy was like a tiger and represented the officials in taking back control of the land. When we heard those words, me, East Gate, and West Gate’s people all snorted. How would we tolerate someone like him!”

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