Chapter 134: This Person Must Die! (Part two)

Speaking of this, Old Chen shook his head. “But I didn’t expect that this police officer’s abilities would be a bit beyond my wildest expectations. Within half a month, he didn’t show any warnings before beating West Gate half to death, and every move was so clean. Three of the bosses were arrested and there has been no news of what happened to them afterwards. The only one left was forced into a corner like this. West Gate didn’t even know how they were destroyed. It was as if this young man didn’t really do anything, but also did everything. The guy was very domineering, and apparently he wasn’t even satisfied with just taking care of West Gate. He wouldn’t even tolerate the remaining cake to be split amongst us. Our men came to report that it was the same guy that was escorting Chang Qing today. That guy’s definitely not simple; the entire operation planned by our assassins failed and we even lost 3 men. If they find evidence to solidify the charges against us of attempting to assassinate the criminal investigation unit’s team captain, then the result will be very serious.”

Mr. Hetian snorted, “Do you know? Back in our Wei Nation, our Sanko Syndicate would never be as cowardly as you guys!”

“Mr. Hetian, you don’t have to provoke us. Right now, Chang Qing has limited evidence against us and won’t be able to take us down in a short amount of time. But you, you should really think about yourself. You still haven’t told me how much money you lost to get furious enough to demand Chang Qing die.”

Mr. Hetian’s face turned dark as he said, “Two of our big clients that wanted to launder 1.5 billion dollars were directly captured by the police in the casino. Then, Chang Qing used our transaction records with the casino to blackmail me into letting him borrow 1.5 billion from my own reserves to pay the clients first. But, everything was seized at your East Gate’s port. I heard the transaction records also fell into the hands of the police. If Chang Qing doesn’t die, then it will be me who dies! If I cannot pay back the money he lost, then I can only commit suicide to redeem my sins! So, only the license of the four casinos left by Chang Qing can save me and also pay back my debt to my two clients. Or else, do you know how many times they can kill me? Tell me, Brother Chen, how can I still let Chang Qing live? You know as well, right after the case with West Gate ends, it will be your East Gate’s turn. So, right now, whether that man’s a tiger or a rookie, he’s the enemy for the both of us. If he doesn’t die, will either of us be able to get a good night sleep? Now, the transaction records of my underground money house are in the hands of the police, and he also got your port’s manager. With a tough interrogation session, who knows what secret your man’s going to give up to them. Besides, if Chang Qing lives through tonight, he will for sure cooperate with the police to take your East Gate down first, considering everything you did to him. Then, I’m afraid that the next Gate to fall will probably be East Gate!”

“You think I don’t know?” Boss Chen shouted, “But I’m afraid you still don’t know how terrifying this police officer is. Haven’t you thought about how the police was able to seize all of the black money at West Gate? Why that even though the port was my territory, he could still find out you were transporting black money on a specific night and seize it as well? Even with all your money well-hidden, he was still able to dig all of it out? Why does it seem like everything’s in his control? Just like tonight, you think he wouldn’t know that we were trying to team up to split West Gate’s assets? But, he was still able to safely take Chang Qing back to the police HQ. If you think about all this, you will notice, this guy’s probably not ordinary at all!”

Mr. Hetian narrowed his eyes. He sighed, and then he said in a deep voice, ‘This won’t work. We can’t let this person continue investigating. He must die!”

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