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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 135.2

Chapter 135: Incoming Revenge (Part two)

“I have a feeling that, to stop me from digging deeper, East Gate and the people from the underground money house won’t stop until I’m dead. I’m fine, but I just don’t want to drag the people beside me into this.”

Shen Yao wanted to retort angrily, but upon hearing Xu Cheng’s “people beside me” comment, her tone immediately softened as her face blushed. “I’m not someone special to you, why would they target me? Could it be… you are worried about me?”

Xu Cheng coughed. “I just don’t want you to get dragged into this. These guys are real criminals that are willing to do anything, and as long as they can hurt me, they will lay their hands on you just because you are living with me. Although it won’t really affect me, since I was the one that stirred up the storm, I still don’t want anything to happen to you because of me.”

Shen Yao then looked at Ran Jing. “Then why doesn’t she have to move out?”
Ran Jing said proudly, “I’m a police officer. If they come at me, then they are basically going against the entire police system. Just dealing with one officer is enough of a headache for them, they wouldn’t want to screw themselves even more by dragging me into this too.”

“If that’s the case, then don’t worry about me,” Shen Yao snorted and replied, “I’m going to live wherever I want. Since me getting kidnapped won’t be enough to threaten you anyways, then you don’t need to mind where I’m living.”

Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at her. “I’m afraid that if you die, then I can’t get my money back from the underground money house.”

“You!” Shen Yao’s eyebrows immediately raised as she glared at Xu Cheng. Gritting her teeth, she shouted, “Xu Cheng, you donkey!”

Xu Cheng then looked at Ran Jing and said, “You have to move too.”

Ran Jing’s eyes stared wide open as she asked, “Why? I’m not scared of those people looking for trouble.”

Shen Yao: “He’s kicking us out, why are you still so thick-skinned? Humph! Ran Jing, let’s go.”

Then, she threw the cushion she was hugging onto the sofa and went back to her room. Not long after, she came out with her suitcase and coat. She stood by the door and said, “You think I want to live here? We will move out right away!”

Seeing how Shen Yao was seriously angry, Ran Jing looked at Xu Cheng again. Xu Cheng gave her the look to leave first, Ran Jing read the unusual feeling from Xu Cheng’s eyes and immediately said, “Okay, Shen Yao, let’s go.”

Before the two women even opened the door, Xu Cheng said to Ran Jing, “Don’t use the elevator.”

Shen Yao was even more pissed. She immediately stared into Xu Cheng’s eyes and said, “You own the elevator too? I can’t use it just because you said I can’t? You know what floor we are on? I’m in high heels, you want me to take the stairs?”

Xu Cheng looked at Ran Jing and said, “In short, just don’t take the elevator.”

Seeing how serious he was, Ran Jing nodded and left with Shen Yao.

Dragging her luggage, Shen Yao couldn’t be more pissed. “This bustard, he’s so ungrateful! I helped him so many times but he still has the heart of a stone! If anything, we are both so beautiful, yet he’s the one that feels like he was wronged to room with us! Humph! I’m so angry! I’ve never seen a man with a negative EQ like him! No wonder he’s still single!”

Ran Jing looked at her and teased, “Didn’t you prepare to be his girlfriend?”

“Humph! Originally I did, but now I definitely don’t want to anymore. Why are you still in the mood to tease me!”

Ran Jing laughed. She didn’t really take it to heart that Xu Cheng was kicking them out. “Let’s just go.”

In fact, Shen Yao didn’t want to go, and she was putting on that whole act just for Xu Cheng. She thought Xu Cheng was going to regret what he said and ask her to stay, but that donkey actually locked the door behind them from the inside! Now Shen Yao was just fuming.

When she gritted her teeth and walked to the elevator, Ran Jing took the luggage from her hand and said, “Let’s take the stairs.”

Shen Yao was basically steaming from the top of her head due to anger. “Why? Just because he owns the whole building? Holy crap, he says not to use it and you really are going to just listen to him?”

As she said that, she also saw that the elevator’s indicator light seemed to be off, which meant that the elevator was not in service at the moment!

Ran Jing suddenly got a bad feeling. She dragged Shen Yao and said, “Let’s hurry up and get out first.”

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