Chapter 136: Hide and Seek (Part one)

Even if Shen Yao was stupid, she could still feel that something was wrong. When she was dragged down the stairs by Ran Jing, she anxiously asked, “What about Xu Cheng? We can’t just leave him.”

Ran Jing: “He has all kinds of means to get out of the situation, and us being present would only hinder him. Now, it’s a sensitive period so the assassins would for sure kill everyone at the scene, so he would only be worry-free if we leave him.”

Before Shen Yao could talk again, Ran Jing heard someone coming up the stairs and immediately shushed her.

At that moment, the two arrived at the 10th floor and walked right past a guy in a trench coat.

At first, Shen Yao didn’t feel anything was off, but when she walked past him, she caught a glimpse of the scar on that man’s face. She immediately felt a chill down her spine upon realizing that he was a killer!

Ran Jing helped her stay on her feet with her arm around her shoulder so she didn’t appear too scared and expose themselves. The killer just glanced at the two of them and continued to go upstairs.

A while after that killer left, Shen Yao hurriedly wanted to say something, but Ran Jing immediately covered her mouth because another batch of assassins were coming up. This time, there were 4 of them. Shen Yao’s pupils enlarged and she couldn’t be more worried. So many people came to take Xu Cheng’s life, would he be fine?

The two controlled their emotions really well and pretended to be just some random home owners here, not paying too much attention to the killers. The killers also briefly glanced at them and let them through.

After exiting the building, Shen Yao immediately grabbed onto Ran Jing’s clothes and said, “Those people are assassins, right?”

Ran Jing nodded. “Xu Cheng probably knew there would be danger tonight, and that was why he kicked us out.”

“Ah, I thought he was really chasing us out, how could I have been so stupid!” Shen Yao nervously said, “Let’s call the police first, I think Xu Cheng’s going to be in trouble with so many people after him.”

Ran Jing said, worried as well, “There were even more. The five people we saw was just one stairway. If they already tampered with the elevators, then they would probably have people block the other stairway in the condo. That might not be all of them too…”

Shen Yao’s face changed upon hearing this. “Oh crap, let’s call the police right now. Xu Cheng should be able to stall this out a bit.”

Ran Jing nodded and first led Shen Yao away from the condo before calling the criminal police unit over.

At the top floor, Xu Cheng rushed into his room, took out his pistol, and counted the bullets. He only had 6 rounds, and with his penetrating vision, he saw at least 9 people coming up from the two stairways. On top of that, there were at least 5 people waiting at the two stairway entrances. How did Xu Cheng know those people were here to kill him? Because each of them had a gun on them. Knowing that he wouldn’t have enough bullets, he picked up two fruit knives and hid them in his sleeves.Then, after counting when those guys would arrive, he set a timer on an alarm with an LED screen and then placed it at the most noticeable spot in the living room.

When the assassins finally arrived at the highest floor, they looked at Xu Cheng’s unit and said to their accomplices through the mic, “You sure he’s in there?”

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