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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 136.2

Chapter 136: Hide and Seek (Part two)

“Yeah, his car is still here, and the power room shows his electric meter is still moving, which means he should be still in there using electricity.”
“Okay, turn off the power of his unit. I want to see how well he can see us in the dark.”

Immediately, Xu Cheng felt his entire unit’s lights go out. Then, he heard someone playing with the lock on his door. Xu Cheng submerged himself into the dark at a relatively hidden and safe corner, aiming his gun at the door.

He couldn’t be more calm at the moment. No lights? No problem. At the instant those guys opened the door, Xu Cheng had already sensed how many of them there were and what positions they were in through the feedback from the ultrasonic waves.

The seemingly dark environment was as clear as day in his mind.

The instant that the assassin in the lead cracked the door open slightly, the light shone in from the corridor, and pa, he got headshotted!

The momentum of the bullet thrusting into that guy’s forehead caused him to fall backward into his colleagues’ chest, and that dead look with his eyes still wide open directly scared the other assassins.

Holy fack, that shot!

Just one shot, and a guy got headshotted.

Immediately, the other 8 people quickly pushed the door open and rushed inside, closing the door after them to resume the pitch black environment. They thought that if they couldn’t see Xu Cheng, then Xu Cheng couldn’t see them.

But was that the case though?

Even if that was the case, the 8 killers who came in completely didn’t know the new layout of this unit since Xu Cheng had a complete renovation done after moving in. On top of that, Xu Cheng had a big ultimate skill, and that was, even though he also couldn’t see well in a pitch black room, the ultrasonic waves he used was not inferior to his eyes. As someone that could accurately hit flying targets with a blindfold on, these 8 killers were really here to die!

The eight killers moved around the room in a formation. The moment they detected Xu Cheng’s whereabouts, with their reflexes and accuracy, they would for sure shoot Xu Cheng into a kitchen strainer. Or so they thought.

Although Xu Cheng couldn’t see, based on the ultrasonic feedback, he knew very well the whereabouts of those 8 people and what they were doing. When the eight of them moved towards him, he was also slowly moving.

He didn’t run or hide, instead he actually took advantage of the darkness and slowly moved towards them as well.

No one noticed that as the eight of them moved slowly into the unit along the wall, Xu Cheng already rotated behind them like a ghost. Suddenly, Xu Cheng reached out from behind to cover a killer’s mouth and sliced open his throat with a fruit knife. The “gudong gudong” sound of blood gushing out caught the others’ attention as they immediately turned around and began firing at the direction the sound came from!

Xu Cheng already left the guy standing in front of him as he rolled into a pitch black corner.

Under the bullet shower, the one that got shot until he looked like a strainer wasn’t Xu Cheng, but their colleague. Someone finally said in a deep voice, “Stop.”

Then, he walked over and touched the clothes of the guy that died. It was a trench coat!

If someone were to turn on the light right now, they would shockingly find that Xu Cheng was right near them. With the pitch dark room, no one could see the others, other than Xu Cheng, who could see everyone.

Leaning against the wall, by the corner, he took out his cellphone. He threw the phone to the ground in front of those seven killers, and when the phone hit the ground, it not only made a sound, but the screen also lit up.

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