Chapter 137: Unbelievable (Part one)

The seven killers that were already extremely stressed immediately had their attention diverted by the bright screen that suddenly sw\ayed into their vision. Some people reacted too quickly and directly shot at it.

Seizing this opportunity, Xu Cheng immediately charged at them from the side, thrusted two fruit knives towards the throats of two people, and then quickly rolled away.

Hearing blood running and two people dropping to the ground, the other five killers immediately panicked.

“Lift the curtains and let the light in! Let’s go all in with this b-----d!” someone shouted.

The other guys immediately went for the surrounding windows, wanting to lift up the thick curtains. However, just at that moment, the alarm Xu Cheng set earlier went off, and it almost scared the crap out of the five remaining assassins.

The five of them immediately stopped in their tracks and shot at the alarm. Just at that moment from behind them, Xu Cheng slowly stood up. There were five heads and he had just enough bullets in his gun, so he quickly aimed and fired five consecutive shots.

Pong pong pong pong pong…

After five shots, the five of them slowly fell to the ground.

“Is the target taken care of? Is he dead?” At that moment, a voice came from the earpiece one of the dead guys were wearing. But, there was no one that could answer anymore.

The others in the power room immediately knew something was wrong after hearing no response, and they immediately said to the other assassins waiting in the top floor corridor by the stairway, “Go up and check, I heard shots fired but no one’s answering. Go and check to see if the target’s down.”

Two assassins that were at the corridor got the message and immediately ran over. When they got to Xu Cheng’s room, they saw one of their guys on the floor by the door. It was the guy that got headshotted right off the bat. An assassin immediately said into his mic, “Turn on the lights.”

The people in the power room immediately flipped on the power switch for Xu Cheng’s unit. The two killers saw all 8 of their guys’ bodies just laying all over the place inside the room, and they immediately reported back, “Our guys are all dead, hurry and send more people up!”

The two of them finished talking in a panic, and Xu Cheng already got behind the two new-arrivals and knife-handed their necks, knocking them unconcious.

Then, he took two pistols from the two killers, finding that both guns were fully loaded. He left his unit right after and went towards the stairway.

The four assassins waiting downstairs didn’t have time to think too much anymore. They immediately came up the stairway from both sides in pairs.

Xu Cheng had his pistols ready as he casually walked down the stairs. Seeing that the two assassins were just a floor away from him, he sat down on a step to wait for them. The two killers ran in a hurry and when they saw Xu Cheng the moment they passed the corner, they were both terrified. They instinctively reached for their guns as they still tried to pretend to be mere passerbys, hoping that Xu Cheng wouldn’t recognize that they were killers as well.

Normal people might not, but Xu Cheng had already clearly seen the guns by their waist.

With two quick shots, the two killers’ palms that were trying to reach for the gun directly got shot through, and they could only cry miserably.

Xu Cheng kicked both of them over, walked up to them, got their guns, and disassembled both. Then, he broke the other hand of both guys, not allowing them to put the gun back together.

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