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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 137.2

Chapter 137: Unbelievable (Part two)

Probably hearing all the noise, the pair of killers on the other end immediately ran through the corridor towards the stairway Xu Cheng was at. Xu Cheng just nonchalantly stood by the door, and when the two killers ran past them into the stairway, he shot both of them in the leg from behind.

The two guys immediately lost their balance after getting shot and fell to the ground. When they tried to turn around and shoot at Xu Cheng, he already pulled his triggers again and shot away the guns in their hands!

The two of them still wanted to fight back, Xu Cheng just kicked one of them over and then punched the other one in the face, knocking both unconscious.

After all that, Xu Cheng finally let out a sigh of relief and walked down the stairs.

When he got to the condo’s lobby, Ran Jing’s backup also arrived. Some of them immediately saluted upon seeing him. “Captain Xu, are you alright?”

Xu Cheng gestured with his head for them to go in.

The officers nodded and went up the stairs.

“Xu Cheng, are you okay?” Shen Yao and Ran Jing crossed the warning line and immediately asked Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng nodded his head. “All good.”
Ran Jing looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “All taken care of?”

Xu Cheng nodded again. “The first wave was, but I don’t know if they will send more in the future.”

“Holy crap, these guys are just too wild!” Ran Jing muttered, “Do they think they are above the law or something? Are they officially declaring war against the police now?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that there was danger? I even packed all my stuff, now I’m embarrassed…” Shen Yao scolded Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “I know you like to join in on parties, so you wouldn’t leave until I kicked you out. But it’s good that you finished packing too, we still don’t know if they will send more people so you should find another place to live for the time being.”

Shen Yao looked at him and said, “Then you can come back to my house for a while, we have a very professional security detail so it’s very safe. Since you let me live at your place for so long, count this as me showing you gratitude by inviting you over to my place.”

Ran Jing agreed, “Yeah, just listen to Yaoyao and go live at her place for a while.”

Shen Yao: “You should come as well. You obviously can’t live at this place too. Before the four Gates’ case ends, both of you should move to my place. Later on, you can find some other place after this is all over.”

Xu Cheng: “Are your parents going to be okay with it?”

Shen Yao raised her eyebrows. “If they dare to have an opinion, then I won’t ever go back again.”

Ran Jing: “Okay, then bring Xu Cheng back first. I have to stay behind to clean up the mess and write a report.”

Xu Cheng and Shen Yao nodded and then left.

Ran Jing turned around and went to the crime scene. At this moment, the whole condo was locked down and all suspicious personnel were arrested. Seeing her come up, the officer in the lead reported, “Captain Ran, we still need to fix the elevator.”

Ran Jing nodded. “No civilians got hurt, right?”

Officer: “Not really, but Captain Ran, you just talked to Captain Xu, is he really fine? Did he not get hurt or something?”

Ran Jing was curious. “Why do you ask?”

Officer: “There were a total of 15 people this time, and now there are 9 dead and 6 alive. But in the 9 people that died, two people were killed by getting stabbed in the throat by fruit knives, 7 died from getting shot through the head with high precision. Not a single bullet was wasted, it was really one shot one kill. This is just too unbelievable…”

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  1. Honestly that you cut the chapters into two is already worse enough but your missing sentences thanks to that is not cool…


    After Xu Cheng knocked them over by one foot, came over to rest their pistols, unloaded all the bullets, and then scrapped the two hands of the two outside, leaving them unable to assemble the guns. Xu Cheng pulled the headsets worn on the ears of the two people and went directly to the elevator entrance on this floor. There was a recessed place to hide people, and he shouted at the removed headsets: “We are on the 10th floor The crossing was attacked! ”

    Then the two killers who ran up on the other side ran directly from that end, and Xu Cheng was just hiding in the recessed corner of the corridor elevator in the two corridors. When the two killers ran past him, Xu Cheng A shot from directly behind the thighs of the two people!

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