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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 138.1

Chapter 138: Shen Wansan (Part one)

It was Xu Cheng’s first time going to Shen Yao’s place. Her place was at one of the more luxurious neighborhoods of villas in the city. He also hadn’t seen Shen Yao’s father before, but the boss man was clearly no simple guy, since not even West Gate dared to offend the Shen Family.

Shen Yao’s sports car arrived at the door. The maid opened the electronic door, and she was overjoyed upon seeing Shen Yao. “Young Madam, you are back! Ah, I have to go inform the master!“

”No need,” Shen Yao faintly said, but the maid still went in and called Boss Shen.

The car was parked in the garage along with a dozen other famous cars, all of which were the limited edition cars that her father bought for her every birthday. However, ever since Shen Yao’s big brother died from a tragic accident, she also left this home. She hadn’t driven those cars for a while now.

Shen Yao brought Xu Cheng into the main hall. The entire villa was extremely big, with a private garden as well as an indoor pool. After coming in, Xu Cheng noticed Shen Yao looking around, so he asked curiously, “When was the last time you came back? You don’t seem to recognize your own house anymore.”

“Ever since I got a career that could support myself, I rarely came back.” Shen Yao sighed, and then she looked at the nanny at home and said, “Aunty Liu, can you prepare two guest rooms for my friends? They will be staying here for the next few days.”

Aunty Liu nodded and went upstairs.

“You should sit down first, I will go and take a shower first.” Shen Yao smiled at Xu Cheng and then went upstairs to the bedroom that she hadn’t returned to for years.

The maid poured a cup of tea and handed it to Xu Cheng. Xu Cheng was pretty bored as he sat on the sofa in the living room. Not long after, a Maybach came into the gate, and before the driver that got out could get to open the door for his boss, a middle-aged man with a sizeable belly ran straight in.


However, he didn’t get to see Shen Yao right after coming in, instead seeing Xu Cheng sitting on the sofa. Then, a sense of vigilance immediately rose in his heart. It was the feeling that his baby daughter was about to be stolen by someone.

He narrowed his eyes and checked Xu Cheng out, and Xu Cheng was also checking him out.

Shen Yao’s dad didn’t rush to talk to Xu Cheng first but directly asked the maid, “This is?”

Xu Cheng didn’t wait for the maid to answer and said, “I’m Shen Yao’s friend.”

“Friend?” Boss Shen’s face immediately turned dark as he asked, “Normal friend or…”

“Normal friend,” Xu Cheng replied.

“Oh really?” Boss Shen snorted. “My daughter hadn’t brought any men back home ever, are you really just a normal friend to her?”

Xu Cheng nodded.

“What’s your name?” Boss Shen asked.

“Xu Cheng,” Xu Cheng replied, neither haughty nor humble.

Boss Shen nodded, and then he immediately asked the maid, “Where’s my daughter?”

“She went to take a shower.”

Boss Shen sighed and sat down onto the sofa. He still couldn’t help but check Xu Cheng out more. After awhile, he seemed to mumble to himself, “Looks like my daughter’s still mad at me. First time back after so many years, and she just directly brought a guy home.”

Speaking of this, he suddenly looked up, his sharp eyes interrogating Xu Cheng as he directly asked, “Brat, are you thinking about courting my daughter?”

Xu Cheng didn’t reply right away. He raised his tea cup and took his time to take a sip. Only after slowly savouring it did he faintly look back at Boss Shen and ask, “Mr. Shen, what makes you say that?”

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  1. In the first text block is a sentence missing, here is the missing sentence MTLD:

    Xu Cheng and Shen Yao came to their home for the first time. Shen Yao’s home was in one of the relatively luxurious houses of single-family villas in the city center. Xu Cheng left the land from an early age and naturally knew a little about the situation in Shangcheng. Shen Yao’s father has never seen him, but it is obviously not easy to let Simon’s boss dare not offend.

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