Chapter 138: Shen Wansan (Part two)

“Right now, who doesn’t know that I only have my baby daughter left after my eldest son died? In the future, she will for sure be the heir to all of my wealth. Just that alone, isn’t it already tempting enough for you to court my daughter?” Boss Shen snorted.

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. He placed his cup down, looked at Boss Shen, and said, “I can understand your concern about your daughter getting tricked, and I can understand that you suspect other people are getting closer to your daughter with ulterior motives. But, I also realized why Shen Yao doesn’t have many male friends. Mr. Shen, have you thought that you being so wary of the people around her will make her feel like a flower in a greenhouse? Do you know that she also wants to go and see the outside world?”

Boss Shen: “What qualification do you have to dare to talk to me like this? Are you teaching me how to raise my own daughter?”

Xu Cheng politely smiled. “I just wanted to remind you as a friend of hers.”

“Brat, there’s no such thing as a pure friendship between men and women. I don’t care what your motive is behind getting closer to my daughter, but you should stop while you can. Don’t wait until I do something crazy to protect my daughter.”

“Shen Wansan! Now I know why you always have no real friends.” At this moment, standing by the stairs, Shen Yao had already changed into a dress.

Xu Cheng was just taking another sip when he directly sprayed out the tea upon hearing the “Shen Wansan” name. (TL note: Wansan’s direct translation is ten thousand three.)

Shen Wansan saw his baby daughter’s darkened face and immediately smiled awkwardly as he tried to suck up to his daughter, “My baby girl, you are finally willing to come back to see me now?”

Shen Yao rolled her eyes at him and snorted. Then, she walked over and introduced him to Xu Cheng, “This is my dad, Shen Wansan.”

Then, she also introduced Xu Cheng to her dad, “This is my friend, Xu Cheng. I also have a good female friend that will also move in with us. Shen Wansan, if my friends are not comfortable living here for the next few days, then I really am not coming back to this home anymore.”

Shen Wansan immediately replied, “Of course! They will definitely be comfortable. If anyone dares to not please our guests, then I will fire them!”

Then, he looked around at the dozen of maids and said, “Got it?”

“Yes, Master,” the dozen maids all bowed and replied.

Shen Yao then looked at Xu Cheng and said, “My dad can be quite troublesome, I hope you can understand.”

Xu Cheng awkwardly laughed and said, “It’s all good, Uncle Shen’s just doing his job as a father. But, is Uncle Shen really called Shen Wansan?”

Shen Yao looked at her dad from the corner of her eyes and said, “That’s the new name he adopted after going to a fortune teller. He said something along the lines of being able to become very wealthy with those numbers in his name.”

Speaking of this, Shen Yao scornfully squeezed out a bitter smile. “So, he made a lot of money, but he lost his beloved daughter and son. In the end, this house is so big for no purpose, and it’s just ice cold.”

A hint of guilt flashed past Shen Wansan’s face. “Yaoyao…”

“Whatever, I’m not going to bring up the past. Let’s go, I will show you your room.” Shen Yao didn’t seem to want to spend more time with his dad, so she dragged Xu Cheng upstairs.

Halfway up, she said to Aunty Liu, “My friend Ran Jing will come in a bit, you can directly take her upstairs.”

Aunty Liu nodded.

After Xu Cheng and Shen Yao went up, Shen Wansan said to the driver, “Go and check the background of the brat that came with my daughter. How come you guys didn’t tell me when a strange man appeared in her life?”

The driver awkwardly replied, “Boss, didn’t you tell us to stop monitoring her since you were scared of Young Madam getting angry? We were also afraid that Young Madam wouldn’t come home again if she gets angry, so we stopped looking after her…”

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