Chapter 139: It’s That Xu Cheng (Part one)

Ran Jing followed the address Shen Yao gave her over the phone and found the Shen Family Villa. The maid asked for her name and then opened the door. When Ran Jing drove the car in, he saw how beautiful and luxurious the villa was. She couldn’t help but comment, “Tsk tsk, why would she leave this rich heiress life behind to experience the feeling of flying.”

After she went in, she saw Shen Wansan sitting on the sofa in the living room. Although Xu Cheng didn’t know Shen Wansan, Ran Jing could recognize a big character like him. She immediately walked over and greeted, “Hello, President Shen.”

“You are?”

“Shen Yao’s friend.” Ran Jing passed over her business card.

After seeing Ran Jing’s job title, Shen Wansan’s eyes immediately lit up with a hint of joy. It seemed like his baby daughter didn’t surround herself with stuck-up second-gen rich heirs; she actually was friends with a professional criminal-investigation unit captain. He was a bit surprised.

“Since you are Yaoyao’s friend, just call me Uncle Shen from now on. You have no problem with me calling you Little Jing, right?” Shen Wansan smiled and said. (TL Note: adding little in front of first name is a common way to address juniors)

“No problem, my parents also call me that,” Ran Jing politely replied.

Shen Wansan nodded, and then he suspiciously looked at her and asked, “Little Jing, then do you know that Xu Cheng?”

“Yeah.” Ran Jing nodded.

“Does he like my Yaoyao or something? Little Jing, don’t blame Uncle Shen for having a big mouth, but as a father, I only have one baby daughter, and I always worry that there might be unscrupulous men around Yaoyao that are deceiving her feelings.”

Ran Jing chuckled. “Uncle Shen, I can’t tell if Xu Cheng likes Yaoyao or not, but Yaoyao does like Xu Cheng. Oh right, Yaoyao’s no simple girl too. She probably inherited from you, she’s a lot slyer than you think, like a little fox”

“Who are you calling a fox, how can you say such a thing behind my back?” Just then, Shen Yao appeared by the stairs. She was worried that her dad would trouble her friend with questions again so she had been waiting. “Hurry, you can come up.”

“Uncle Shen, then I will go up first.” Ran Jing immediately said to Shen Wansan and left, leaving Shen Wansan sitting there, getting more anxious than ever.


My daughter likes that guy?

That guy’s not handsome, and he seems to be pretty arrogant too. Just what about him attracted the attention of my daughter?

Just when he was frowning and worrying, his driver, who was also his bodyguard, came in with a stack of documents and said, “Boss, I didn’t have to do too much research to find this. You probably heard of the unlucky four Gates recently, right?”

Shen Wansan nodded, frowning as he said, “This guy’s a thug?”

Driver: “Not at all.”

Shen Wansan looked at his driver from the corner of his eyes. “Can you facking just say what you have to say directly? Are you the boss or am I the boss? Just let it all out, why fart but hold half of it in? What are you saving it for?”

The driver awkwardly laughed. “He’s not a thug, but the mortal nemesis of a thug. Just like Miss Ran Jing earlier, he’s a cop.”

“Cop?” Shen Wansan frowned again. “What’s his title? What does he do? How’s his reputation? Don’t tell me he’s a little cop that wants to use my name to climb the ranks.”

“His position is the Captain of Team 2 in the Criminal Investigation Unit. It’s not too high in the overall police system, so in comparison to Miss Shen, he is a reacher. Just a month ago, he was still just a patrol officer,” the driver said.

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