Chapter 140: As Your Senior, I Can Give You A Few Pointers (Part one)

Shen Wansan was dumbfounded for a while until he furiously coughed and said, “Even if he’s the tiger of the police force, he’s just a little team captain! He definitely has an ulterior motive by approaching my daughter! He’s not someone with power nor money, and my daughter lacks anything but money. I can clearly see his intentions.”

Then, he looked at his driver and asked, “Didn’t you say you were a guardian-class soldier before you retired? So can you beat Xu Cheng?”

The driver also had his pride. Hearing his boss say that, he immediately sneered, “Boss, you comparing me to him is already an insult to me.”

“Oh?” Shen Wansan couldn’t help but look at him again with a tiny bit more respect. “Speaking of it, I hired you to be my driver and bodyguard for these years but never got to see your true power. On a normal day, you seem to be able to easily handle some thugs or bullys, but I don’t think that’s your limit, right?”

The driver raised 4 fingers and said with pride written all over his face, “40%. Normally, I never use more than 40% of my power. Boss, you might not be familiar with the concept of guardian-class soldiers. Every 5 years, the officials would pick out the best soldier from the 36 military regions around the country. Those 36 soldiers will become guardians to closely follow and protect country officials at Jing City. These 36 people were carefully selected from their military region, and they are a lot more powerful than an average special forces soldier. More powerful in what aspect? In all aspects of individual combat abilities. This also means, you are very lucky to have found me. I’m not boasting, but I’m one of the 36 that were picked.”

Shen Wansan looked at him boasting and said, “Tsk tsk, you saying all that, are you asking for a raise? Since there are 36 guardians, then among those 36, what rank are you?”

The driver very proudly answered, “I’m within the top 10.”

Shen Wansan looked at him and asked, “You haven’t exchanged moves with Xu Cheng before, how do you know he’s not your opponent?”

“Is there even a need? Boss, you don’t know this, but all guardian-class soldiers have to be at least masters at the A-level. Although my level might’ve slipped a bit due to the lack of high-intensity training over the past few years, not just anyone can be compared with me. I do think Xu Cheng’s pretty good, but in comparison to my assessment of that old man of North Gate, I think Xu Cheng’s at most a B-level fighter. To deal with him, I’m still 80% confident that I can win.”

Shen Wansan nodded. “If that’s the case, go spar with him later. Teach him that it’s best for people of the younger generation to stay humble.”

The driver nodded. “Okay. But Boss, he’s Young Madam’s guest, wouldn’t it be a bit over the line? Young Madam also said that if we don’t treat her guests well these days, she will run away from home again.”

Shen Wansan glared at the driver. “Do you think I still don’t know my daughter? Right now, I’m her only family and she’s also my only family, you think she would have the heart to abandon me? She’s just bluffing. Besides, I’m not telling you to beat that guy up. I just need you to teach him that there are stronger fighters than him in the world and to be humble. You didn’t see how he looked at me when I came in, it definitely wasn’t the kind of respectful attitude a youngster should have towards someone older. This Xu Cheng has no background nor money, so he must be really arrogant because of his fighting abilities. Then let’s just beat him first to tone his arrogance down a notch.”

Upstairs, after checking out the room, Ran Jing shuffled to Xu Cheng’s side and whispered, “Did you offend Boss Shen?”

Xu Cheng said with a wry smile, “As long as a there is a guy beside his daughter, I think he won’t show a good face. How do I deal with him when he already sees me as someone courting his daughter with ulterior motives before I could open my mouth?”

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