Chapter 141: I’m Gonna Go F a Dog if I Get Punched Again (Part one)

At this moment, Shen Yao opened her mouth as she looked at her dad with annoyance, “Dad…”

Xu Cheng waved his hand to gesture to Shen Yao that he was fine. He didn’t want Shen Yao, who rarely came back home, to get into a heated conflict with her dad. He just laughed and said, “Senior Brother, fighting might be a bit too much, but how about we just compete in something else more casual?”

Wen Shao looked at Shen Wansan, and the latter raised his tea cup again as he subtly nodded. Wen Zhao immediately said, “That’s fine too. It’s just that, it’s such a shame to not be able to spar. I haven’t gotten many opportunities after retiring from the military.”

Xu Cheng smiled and said to Wen Zhao, “Senior Brother, your left leg is a bit longer than your right leg, which indicates that you are a master that’s great with kicks, and you are also left-handed. Your two hands have calluses on the knuckle area, so you must be a pro in melee combat, proficient with both fists and legs. However, the callus on your finger joints seemed to be from a long time ago, which meant you haven’t returned to your old business for a long time now, am I right?

Wen Zhao was a bit surprised as he looked at Xu Cheng, nodding. “That’s right, what else?”

Xu Chen glanced at his belly and continued, “Senior Brother, you have very strong self-discipline, but you still couldn’t keep away from the temptations of modern society. You accumulated a beer belly over the years, and this means Mr. Shen’s salary is quite the thick stack, making you forget about your original intention of getting into the military.”

Wen Zhao’s eyelids thumped, and then he awkwardly coughed.

Xu Cheng then looked at him and said, “I’m done analyzing, and now, Senior Brother, can you talk about what you can gather from looking at me?”

Wen Zhao paused for a moment, and he just realized that his contest with Xu Cheng had already quietly began. Just now, although they didn’t exchange any moves, they already began competing in terms of observation skills. Xu Cheng was able to magnify every detail he observed and tell Wen Zhao’s strengths and weaknesses.

However, when it came to Wen Zhao’s turn, he suddenly realized that, under that seemingly-innocent and harmless smiling face of Xu Cheng, there seemed to be a shroud that he couldn’t see through.

After staring at Xu Cheng for awhile, even Shen Sanwan couldn’t bear it anymore. He coughed, interrupted him, and said, “Are you going to talk?”

Wen Zhao felt awkward, yet he couldn’t see through Xu Cheng. However, he also wasn’t stupid. He could start with basic physical observations, like how tall Xu Cheng was. Wen Zhao then began to talk, “Your height limits your speed, making you a lot slower than other people. In addition, you are incredibly intelligent, which determines that your achievement in combat skills wouldn’t be very high. Also, judging from your attitude towards the two beauties beside you, you seem to be pretty simple guy with a negative EQ.”

Ran Jing and Shen Yao immediately nodded as they said in unison, “Agreed!”

Wen Zhao was feeling pretty good about what he just came up with. He seemed like he got it right, so a big cheeky smile appeared on his face.

Shen Wansan also faintly smiled, it also made him proud seeing how his bodyguard could return a strike back at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng laughed, and then he said to Wen Zhao with a mysterious smile, “Senior Brother, you determined that my speed is very slow?”

“Not slow but won’t be too quick either. Tall people are generally limited by their height when it comes to speed and reflexes,” Wen Zhao said.

“Then how about we do a little test?” Xu Cheng smiled and said.

Shen Zhao shrugged. “What do you want to play?”

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