Chapter 142: I Don’t Care If It’s a Male or Female (Part one)

Hearing Wen Zhao’s words, Xu Cheng knew this guy was angry out of embarrassment.

Immediately, Xu Cheng smiled. “Senior Brother, are you playing for serious now?”

Wen Zhao was roaring in his heart, Fack your face, holy fack! Were you not being serious? If you are not playing for real then why do I have a swollen panda eye right now?

“Let’s go again. I will play for real now. I underestimated you earlier.”

Xu Cheng nodded, lifting his hand. “Ready?”

Wen Zhao nodded. Then, he narrowed his eyes to focus on Xu Cheng’s hand. This time, he caught the whole movement of Xu Cheng attacking. Is he actually trying to punch my right eye again this time? Is he trying to make my right eyeball retire?

How was Wen Zhao able to capture Xu Cheng’s attack this time?

That’s right, Xu Cheng slowed down on purpose for him to see. He indeed punched towards Wen Zhao’s right eye again, but when Wen Zhao’s hand blocked in front of his right eye, within that instant, Xu Cheng changed the trajectory of his fist and punched Wen Zhao in the left eye!

“Ahh! Fack you! You little piece of shat!” Wen Zhao was hurting so much as he covered his left eye and swore. As the person that instigated the whole thing, Shen Wansan directly turned to look at something else, putting on the “I don’t know this guy” face.

Xu Cheng could understand why he was so furious. He didn’t get angry with Wen Zhao swearing at him, instead just faintly smiling in response. “I think my senior brother’s eyes aren’t feeling too comfortable today. Let’s just call it a day.”

Wen Zhao was so mad; three strikes and he actually couldn’t block a single time. Even if he tried to guess at the last second, he could have probably guessed right at least once, right?

Besides, he was even boasting about how fast his reflexes and hand speed was earlier, yet right now, with the pair of panda eyes, he really wanted to dig a hole into the ground and crawl into it.

And at this golden moment, Shen Yao added in a seemingly-innocent voice, “Dad, keep a close look of your bodyguard. Don’t let him mess with my Huhu.”

Huhu was a pet dog she raised at home.

Just earlier, Wen Zhao said he would go F a dog if he got punched again, and it would be truly terrifying in this case if he was a man of his words.

The maid couldn’t help but add more insult to the injury, “Young Madam, don’t worry. Huhu’s a male.”

Ran Jing almost burst out in laughter upon hearing this, and Wen Zhao just sat there, very awkwardly. He did say those words, but he wasn’t really going to do it now, right?

Right away, he shouted, “This game, the defender is clearly very passive and is at a disadvantage, so there’s no way to measure speed and reflex. If I’m the attacker, I can also land my punch. How about let’s switch it around?”

Wen Zhao thought, I even have facking panda eyes right now, I need to let you have a taste of this too! Don’t be happy too quick.

Shen Yao immediately said, “I say just forget it. It’s late, let’s go and rest. Both Xu Cheng and Ran Jing still have work tomorrow.”

Shen Wansan obviously had to back his bodyguard up a bit so he immediately said, “It’s only fun if both of them get to take turns, right?”

“It’s fine, if Senior Brother insists, then you can attack.” Xu Cheng didn’t really care.

Wen Zhao gritted his teeth and said, “I will only punch 3 times as well. If you can even block me just twice, then I will really go F the dog!”

“Senior Brother, why be like this? We are simply having fun here, no need to be so serious. Come, I’m ready,” Xu Cheng said.

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