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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 143.2

Chapter 143: This Kid is Still Too Young (Part two)

Xu Cheng paused for a moment upon seeing it was Wen Zhao.

Seeing this, Ran Jing looked towards Shen Yao with an odd expression, and Shen Yao also seemed to be on the verge of going berserk. But, she contained herself and looked at her father, coughing and asking, “Dad, what’s the meaning of this? We can’t enjoy a peaceful breakfast together?”

Shen Wansan lifted up his bowl and pretended to be enjoying the corn soup so that he couldn’t see the resentment in his daughter’s eyes.

Xu Cheng smiled. “Senior Brother, enjoy the buttered bread.”

Then, he moved his chopsticks, and that piece of bread was taken away by Wen Zhao. But, that guy didn’t seem like he had the intention to eat it. Just when Xu Cheng prepared to go get himself a good old piece of delicious ham, Wen Zhao’s chopsticks were there again, also grabbing onto the ham.

Xu Cheng looked at the host, Shen Wansan, but the latter just pretended to be drowning in food and didn’t meet Xu Cheng’s eyes. Xu Cheng bitterly smiled as he shook his head. He let Wen Zhao get that piece of ham as well, and the latter placed it into his bowl.

Then, Xu Cheng went for another piece of bread and the same thing happened.

Now, it really wouldn’t be Xu Cheng if he continued letting someone push him around. He smiled and reminded Wen Zhao, “Senior Brother, you haven’t finished the pieces in your bowl yet.”

“I just like having my eyes on the pot when I’m eating from my bowl, sorry,” Wen Zhao deliberately retorted back.

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. This time, he didn’t let go of the bread, instead forcefully pulling it towards him. Noticing the surprising amount of strength, Wen Zhao was a bit shocked as he also used more force to get the bread back.

Xu Cheng blinked a few times, adding more strength and pulling the bread over to his side again.

Wen Zhao was quite shocked, not expecting Xu Cheng to have reserved more power. He also used more force, but this time, he noticed that he just couldn’t move the bread an inch closer to his side no matter how hard he pulled.

Looking at the scene of the two people fighting over the piece of bread, although the two looked like they were in a tight lockdown situation, people could clearly see how relaxed Xu Cheng was, whereas Wen Zhao was trying so hard that his neck and face had turned red and his veins were popping out.

Just then, Xu Cheng suddenly summoned even more strength. The explosive power were more than 10 times of what he was originally using, and this time, Wen Zhao’s entire body was pulled onto the table.

With a “crackling” sound, Wen Zhao shockingly found himself being easily pulled onto the table, knocking down a lot of the tableware.

Finally, Xu Cheng casually moved the piece of bread to his mouth as he took a bite, displaying the expression of him savoring the taste. Then, he looked at Wen Zhao on the table, who was currently shocked beyond belief and slowly said, “Would you also like the food from my mouth? I can give it to you too.”

Wen Zhao was furious. He directly climbed up on the table, smashed his chopsticks onto the table, and shouted, “Are you humiliating me? Come on, let’s fight! We are both from the army, why not just be more direct? Come on, let’s go outside and spar! Let’s not just fight verbal wars.”

Shen Yao’s face darkened. “Brother Wen Zhao, they are guests. My guests.”

Wen Zhao replied, “Young Madam, I am just treating him like a junior brother from the military. Back in the military, we would just spar if there was an issue, and it also helps us deepen our bond. Sorry, I still have this habit even though I already retired.”

Xu Cheng smiled. “That’s right, that was the tradition back in the military.”

As he said, he put the bread in his mouth as he took off his jacket, revealing the vest inside. He walked to the lawn outside of the villa and said, “Let’s go, I also don’t want us to be all talk and no action.”

The corner of Wen Zhao’s mouth slightly raised as he immediately followed Xu Cheng out.

Shen Wansan couldn’t help but smile as he mumbled in his heart, “This kid is still too naive.”

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  1. Xiaoshen Lu

    Wen Zhao… Enjoy the scenery from the sky. You were obviously outmatched but you just couldn’t give up face.

  2. monkeybro

    that’s a very resistant piece of bread.

    • noodletowntranslated

      yep, extra chewy

      • No wonder, almost all the young masters are gutsy even though they are so weak, it’s because they are eating bread made out of lead!

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