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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 144.1

Chapter 144: BS-Level Strong (Part one)

The two of them went to the lawn outside, and it seemed like a fight was inevitable. Shen Yao resentfully glanced at her father and said, dissatisfied, “Dad, if Brother Wen Zhao injures Xu Cheng, I don’t want to see him in our house ever again.”

Shen Wansan immediately shouted, “If he really wants to court my baby daughter but doesn’t have some skills, how would you get the sense of security in the future? Our family doesn’t lack anything, but Dad knows you lack the sense of security, and that’s why I want to test his strength.”

Shen Yao: “You don’t even know the half of it. Right now, it’s not him that’s courting me, but your daughter, me, going after him.”

Shen Wansan’s eyes stared right open. “What?” Immediately, he slowly said, “You’re courting him? Do you know your identity? How could you chase after such a poor little brat?”

Shen Yao immediately retorted, “What about poor little brats? Mom used to be the university belle, how did she fall in love with a poor brat like you? Look at you, so ugly too.”

Shen Wansan almost coughed up blood. “You… would a daughter say such a thing to her dad?”

Shen Yao snorted, “Thank god my looks didn’t take after you, or I would be having the hardest time finding a guy to marry.”

Shen Wansan stared at her. “Am I really your biological dad?”

Shen Yao just ignored him and turned to rush out.

– Outside –

Xu Cheng threw his jacket to Ran Jing, revealing his muscular body that was quite pleasant to look at. After all, he was 1.9 meters-tall with long legs and big muscles, and plus the tight vest, it was indeed incredibly tempting for girls to look at him.

Then, the 1.75-meter-tall Wen Zhao also took off his coat and his watch. Then, he came to Xu Cheng and wiggled his fists and neck as a warm up.

“Why didn’t we just start with this? What’s with all the eye-punching or breakfast-fighting mini games? If you can be more direct, then as your senior brother, I could give you a few pointers. Now, I will teach you what’s close-quarters fighting.”

As he said, his body had already appeared in front of Xu Cheng. He extended his leg and kicked at Xu Cheng’s calf. Normally, if a guy’s calf was kicked, he would lose his center of balance and kneel down. Then, Wen Zhao’s plan was to subdue him with an arm-lock, letting Xu Cheng know that he could easily beat him in a fight.

However, when the arrogant Wen Zhao kicked, Xu Cheng didn’t dodge at all. But, at that moment his leg came into contact with Xu Cheng’s, he felt something solid! Xu Cheng didn’t react to the kick at all and just stood there as he looked at him.

His face seemed to be saying: What are you doing?

Wen Zhao kicked again, and this time, he aimed for the calf joint area from behind, wanting to make him kneel. But, Xu Cheng didn’t react at all again. And finally, when he decided to land a third kick, Xu Cheng answered with his own kick.

As a result, Wen Zhao felt like his leg landed on a steel plate dozens of centimeters thick. Feeling the excruciating pain in his leg, he looked back at Xu Cheng in shock with a sullen face and clenched teeth.

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “Senior Brother, I hope you can give me a few pointers on kicks.”

Wen Zhao narrowed his eyes, and then he swept the air with a swift roundhouse kick. Xu Cheng didn’t dodge at all but answered with his fist. When the fist landed on Wen Zhao’s leg, Wen Zhao felt like it wasn’t a fist made of flesh that hit him, but a solid metal pipe.

Wen Zhao looked quite handsome as he threw his kick out, but when his leg came into contact with Xu Cheng’s fist, he was in so much pain that he could only stand and bounce around on one leg. He was really just one step away from hugging his own leg and crying on the floor.

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