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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 145.1

Chapter 145: The Intention Behind Lin Lei’s Stay (Part one)

Shen Yao planned to drive Xu Cheng to work. She was in her sports car, and Xu Cheng was in the passenger seat. At this moment, Xu Cheng’s phone began ringing. Xu Cheng took a look and saw it was from Lin Chuxue, and he had her labeled as “Wife” on his phone.

It was rare for Lin Chuxue to call him, so he picked it up.

“Hello? Xu Cheng, I’m at your condo, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone here. The police even sealed off the highest floor. What happened?” Lin Chuxue’s voice came from the phone.

“Something happened there last night and I can’t live there for the next little while.”

On the other end of the line, Lin Chuxue pursed up her lips as she really wanted to ask if Xu Cheng was fine. But when those words got to her mouth, she just couldn’t get it out. She could only ask, “Do you have a place to live then?”

Looking at Shen Yao in the driver’s seat, Xu Cheng then said, “I’m living at Shen Yao’s place. It’s relatively safer here. I will move back when this case is over.”

Lin Chuxue paused for a moment. Then, biting her lips, she asked, “Is it convenient for her? You are a grown-up man.”

Xu Cheng: “There’s also Ran Jing so it should be fine. Shen Yao’s family’s also pretty nice.”

“Oh.” Lin Chuxue didn’t know what else to say. “Alright then, I will hang up.”

After hanging up, Lin Chuxue looked at the condo, feeling quite alone. She sent her parents back already, and on the rare day she had off, she wanted to come over and visit Xu Cheng. But who knew that guy would have actually moved into Shen Yao’s house.

Shen Yao turned around and asked, “Who was it? I thought I heard a girl’s voice. Your girlfriend?”

She probed as she jokingly asked.

Xu Cheng was honest. “It was Chuxue.”

Shen Yao slightly paused for a second. But then remembering how he had known Chuxue since they were kids, she let out a sigh of relief and then immediately asked Xu Cheng, “Speaking of which, you should have a pretty good relationship with Chuxue then, right?”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment, and then he looked at Shen Yao, bitterly smiling. “I used to, back when we were kids.”

Shen Yao: “Could it be, it’s not so good now?”

Xu Cheng shook his head, at the moment not knowing how to answer.

It should be said that after childhood sweethearts grow up and how Xu Cheng recognized his background and what he could provide for Chuxue, he had no choice but to bury his emotions for her and back out. As for Lin Chuxue, she was a prideful girl, and even though she had emotions towards Xu Cheng, she couldn’t be the one that initiated. So, the two of them missed their best time together.

Lin Chuxue came out of the condo, a bit upset, and Lin Lei, who had been waiting outside, curiously asked, “Sis, what happened? You seemed pretty happy when you just walked up, but now you don’t look too happy.”

“Xu Cheng’s not home,” Lin Chuxue said.

Lin Lei: “Then give him a call.”

Lin Chuxue didn’t say anything. After thinking for a long time in the passenger seat, she turned around and said to her younger brother, “Didn’t you want to follow Xu Cheng? You are always bored following me. With all kinds of traveling and work every day, you barely have any freedom.”

Lin Lei oddly looked at his sister. “Hey, Sis, who was the one that was scared of letting me loose in Huaxia and strapped me to your side? What’s with the sudden epiphany that your little brother also needs some freedom?”

Lin Chuxue looked at him from the corner of her eyes. “Then do you want to follow Xu Cheng or me?”

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  1. Nicole Somera

    Lol. Is Chuxue sending Lei to be block possible suitors of Xu Cheng’s, or as her informant??

    Thanks for the chapter, NT!

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