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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 145.2

Chapter 145: The Intention Behind Lin Lei’s Stay (Part two)

Lin Lei: “Of course my brother-in-law. This time coming to Huaxia, I originally planned to follow him anyways.”

Lin Chuxue smiled as she came up with an idea. She said, “Then just go and follow him. Give him a call and ask where he is, and then you can go and find him.”

Her idea was simple, and that was to get Lin Lei to keep an eye on Xu Cheng. Knowing that Xu Cheng was living in Shen Yao’s house with Ran Jing, she did feel uncomfortable. However, she wasn’t in a position to ask Xu Cheng not to do so, so the stinky little boy Lin Lei could prove to be of some use this time around.

“Sis, are you really letting me off the leash?” Lin Lei still found it a bit hard to believe.

Lin Chuxue glared at him. “If you really want to go, that’s fine. But, you have to listen to Xu Cheng and follow him to wherever he goes. Whenever appropriate, you should call me and let me know how you are doing.”

Lin Lei found the first two sentences quite appropriate, but the more he listened, the more he began to get an odd feeling. He slowly replied to his sis, “Tsk tsk, Sis, are you letting me go have fun or are you using me as your remote binoculars to keep an eye on your man? You also want me to go wherever my brother-in-law goes and report to you my whereabouts. I think you really just wanted to know my brother-in-law’s whereabouts, right?”

It was getting more and more difficult to try and trick this [email protected] Lin Chuxue blushed as her plan was seen through and she could only pretend to be angry and give him a glare. “What are you talking about? Are you going or not? If you are not going then drive me back and come to the company with me.”

“It’s fine, I’m not going to go to your company all day every day like I work there or something. It’s so boring. You should drive back carefully, I’m going to go and find my brother-in-law now,” Lin Lei said.

Lin Chuxue nodded. With her little brother going over there, at least she could know what Xu Cheng was doing. Immediately, she felt a lot better and she reminded Lin Lei, “Oh right, don’t call Xu Cheng your brother-in-law in front of other people. Shen Yao and Ran Jing both know you are my brother, so you calling him that would expose that Xu Cheng and I are married.”

“I know, and that would hinder your career and the company’s stock price. Besides, if those guys back in Britain also find out about you being married, they would for sure target my brother-in-law too. I’m not that dumb, Sis.” Suddenly, Lin Lei’s tone changed as he asked Lin Chuxue, “Sis, was it really like what Dad said, that you only silently agreed to marrying my brother-in-law because you were grateful for what he did for you and also because you didn’t want to be harassed by other men? Do you feel any love towards him?”

“Why is this your business, you little brat?” Lin Chuxue snorted.

“I’m super good at relationships, you know, and you should come to me for advice too. If it wasn’t our dad cleaning after me and watching me, I would have had enough kids back in Britain to start a football team.”

Lin Chuxue didn’t want to answer his question and she impatiently pushed him off the car. Then, she closed the door and drove off.

Seeing his sis’s car driving away, Lin Lei sighed, smiling as he mumbled to himself, “Sis, you probably didn’t guess it but I actually stayed to get you and brother-in-law together. Ever since childhood, you guys had the most tacit understanding of each other and know each other the best, but the guy has an inferiority complex and the girl has a strong sense of pride. Aren’t you guys tired of not poking through that paper between you two? I don’t believe it if you say you don’t like my brother-in-law. I’m getting tired just looking at you two like this, so I must work my magic now. Originally I thought you following my brother-in-law back would be good for the relationship, but no one expected you guys to actually just go live your own lives and not even talk. Dad came here just to probe and see if you have the thought to divorce or not, and I’m quite happy that you chose to not divorce.”

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