Chapter 146: Li Dazhuang’s Ending (Part one)

Xu Cheng went to the police HQ, and the moment he walked in, some colleagues that he didn’t know at all started saying hello to him. “Good morning, Captain Xu.”

“Morning, Captain Xu.”

Xu Cheng was first stunned for a second before he smiled and nodded in response.

Unknowingly, after this West Gate case, his image at the police station was instantly a lot better. After all, he demonstrated an unparalleled level of intelligence, and no one could say that they weren’t convinced of his abilities. After all, if you were not convinced, why didn’t you go and take down West Gate earlier?

Didn’t they see that Team 5 had tracked it for half a year and got nowhere?

Not to mention the 4 Gates, most teams couldn’t even take care of a small case this fast.

Now, everyone knew that there was a tiger in the police force, and that was Xu Cheng. That was the highest level of title the underground world had given to its nemesis at the police force, recognizing his capabilities.

Xu Cheng walked into Team 2’s office, and inside, Li Chao, Wu Gang, and the others were all very busy. All of them were writing up reports or coming in and out, delivering documents. It was a much more pleasant view of the office warming up in comparison to the atmosphere of the office before, where people would be napping and playing with their phones.

“Boss, your breakfast. I got this for you from the breakfast place downstairs.” Wu Gang saw Xu Cheng coming in so he handed a bag over.

Xu Cheng took it over, and then a secretary of the director knocked on the door and said to Xu Cheng with a smile, “Captain Xu, the director asked you to go to his office when you have time.”

Xu Cheng nodded and smiled in response. “Okay.”

Then, he looked at Li Chao and asked, “Is Chang Qing cooperating?”

Li Chao nodded. “He confessed everything he knows and almost answered everything we wanted to know. But before this, something unpleasant happened.”

Xu Cheng: “What is it?”

Li Chao: “Don’t know why but the special police people insisted on interrogating Chang Qing first. We didn’t let them, and there was a bit of a conflict and the director had to call in the middle of the night before they would finally give up.”

Xu Cheng sneered, “Li Dazhuang’s their man. With something this big happening, Li Dazhuang for sure had involvement with Chang Qing. They didn’t want to damage the reputation of the special police department and that’s why they wanted to shut Chang Qing’s mouth. But at this point, no exception can be made, even if it’s one of our guys that’s trying to protect their department’s reputation.”

Li Chao nodded. “Chang Qing indeed confessed the transaction details over the past two years with Li Dazhuang. The reason Li Dazhuang had good relationships with most people in the police department was how generous he was, and all of this was because he had funds secretly supporting him. The evidence we gathered is enough to prove that he’s the mole.”

Xu Cheng: “Don’t discuss nor spread anything related to the special police officers, no need to make it more embarrassing for them. Give me the documents recording Chang Qing’s confession about Li Dazhuang. Oh right, where’s Li Dazhuang right now?”

Wu Gang: “For the time being, he’s temporarily behind bars for suspicion of involvement in the West Gate case.”

Xu Cheng nodded and then said to Wu Gang, “After Chang Qing’s charges goes through, try to get him another place that’s safer to lock him up. Over the years, it’s not common for outside forces to plant people behind bars to kill targeted prisoners. I need him to stay alive.”

Then, Xu Cheng looked at Li Dazhuang’s file, walked out of the office and went straight to see him.

Seeing someone coming to open the door, Li Dazhuang was quite happy. “Am I free to go now?”

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