Chapter 146: Li Dazhuang’s Ending (Part two)

“No, come with us to the interrogation room.”

When Li Dazhuang walked into the interrogation room and saw Xu Cheng sitting in front of him, Li Dazhuang immediately became angry. “If you can’t find any evidence then hurry up and release me. I know you have personal grudges against me, you don’t have to use this case to deliberately lock me up.”

“You think you shouldn’t be locked behind bars?” Xu Cheng snorted, “But I think you deserve it.”

Then, he pushed the files over and said, “Take a look, this is the content of Chang Qing’s confessions. He’s testifying that you are the mole West Gate planted in the police force.”

Li Dazhuang browsed through the documents, paused for a moment, and then laughed. “You think you can use the words of a criminal to accuse me? What is this? Pure nonsense, you think the judge will believe you? Xu Cheng, I know you are in full charge of this case, but that doesn’t mean you can just pour ink on me and blame me for something I didn’t do.”

Xu Cheng took back the files, then he took out a recorder and a bank transaction record as he nonchalantly said, “This recording is your call with Chang Qing via an unknown number. We tracked it and compared the voice line to your usual SIM card and confirmed that the voice that had been in contact with Chang Qing was indeed you, Li Dazhuang. There’s also this foreign bank card that had been opened for you by the underground money house. Everytime you need money, the casino would deliberately lose to you and transfer the funds to this bank card.”

Li Dazhuang spoke with anger, “This is all you talking to yourself, I don’t know a thing about the bank card you’re talking about. You are saying the casino deliberately lost money to me, do you have any proof?”

Xu Cheng took out a tablet from a bag and then played a few videos. “This is the footage of you going to the casino taken by the surveillance cameras there. In the video, every trip you make to the casino you were able to win at least a couple hundred thousand to a few million. Li Dazhuang, you should know that police officers can’t be involved with gambling, right?”

Li Dazhuang immediately shot up from his seat and shouted, “Impossible! This is impossible! How did you manage to get footage from so long ago? Usually the footages overwrites itself after a week!”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “I didn’t say we got it. These were all given to us by Chang Qing in cooperation with the investigation. You probably didn’t guess that he would have this card up his sleeve so that he could one day use it as back up. I also found out he called you that day to ask you to save him. He was just hoping that one day if he falls off his horse, someone on the inside could help him out a bit. But, who knew you would be this unreliable. As a result, he could only hand us the evidence on you to lessen some of his charges.”

Speaking of this, Xu Cheng summed up the statement to Li Dazhuang, “Two years, from the day you boarded their boat and colluded with them, you have received a total of 20 million yuan in compensation. These were all used on your daily expenditures. Your leak of operation details also led to casualties of officers fighting at the front line or behind enemy lines. Now, your crime is formally established.”

Li Dazhuang tried to reach for Xu Cheng as he begged, “Don’t… Give me a chance, I really needed the money back then, and after I tasted the temptation it blinded my heart since then. During the past year I already rarely contacted people from the criminal underworld.”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “It’s all too late now. The originals had been handed in and these are just copies. I’m just here to tell you, injustice is doomed to destruction.”

Li Dazhuang suddenly went berserk and started roaring like mad, both his hands slammed onto the desk as he shouted, “Xu Cheng, I’m going to kill you!”

Xu Cheng wasn’t nervous at all, because Li Dazhuang’s feet had been chained down and he couldn’t jump at him at all. Instead, because of him becoming furious, the guards outside came in and pushed him down onto the table.

Xu Cheng was too lazy to say even one more word to him. He just left the interrogation room and went to the director’s office.

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