Chapter 148: Routine Inspection (Part one)

The secretary paused for a moment before he couldn’t help himself from asking again, “Who’s the higher up? Can I know?”

The director smiled and said, “You won’t know even if I told you. All in all, it’s an independent department with huge power, and the things they do would make you feel that the things we do here are incredibly insignificant. Anyways, the people they have their eyes on will for sure reach staggering heights in the future. So, it’s good to make friends with Xu Cheng, before we lose our qualification to even approach him in the future.

A commercial high-rise above a mall in Shangcheng, at a business association HQ established by the Wei Nation in Huaxia, sat two men in suits. One of them was in high spirits while the other one seemed to be in exhaustion.

The bald head among the two was the Mr. Hetian that Chang Qing often referred to. However, that was just an alias, as he had many other names in the criminal underworld. Among those names, he used Hetian in the underground money house circle in Shangcheng.

Sitting across from him was another fellow compatriot of the Wei Nation. He brewed some tea and passed it to Hetian as he comforted him in their language, “Mr. Hetian, you shouldn’t be this worried. You only got one of your alias exposed but not your appearance or  your identity, and that’s the blessing in the misfortune.”

Hetian waved his hand as he bitterly smiled. “4.5 billion dollars, my old life is not enough to make up for this. Although the higher-up told me to hurry and transfer out the cash and temporarily let me off the hook on this, that was only because they were considering the situation on a grand scheme of things. Once this storm passes, it would be the end of my time.”

Speaking of this, a murderous intent burst out of his eyes. “But I won’t be reconciled if I can’t kill the man that caused this whole thing before I die!”

The guy from the Wei Nation sitting across from him faintly smiled, “So, Mr. Hetian’s here this time because you want to borrow our hands and take care of that police officer?”

Mr. Hetian slightly nodded. “Right now, this policeman is already on alert, so it’s very hard for us to kill him in the dark in a tightly guarded city like Shangcheng. Now, North Gate, which was supposed to be the fangs of the other three Gates, has been disbanded, and the two batches of assassins that went after Xu Cheng haven’t come back. Lord Zuozhi, how else can I get rid of that policeman?”

Zuozhi laughed. “Mr. Hetian, you should know too, our business association has a long history and had also spread throughout southeast Asia. We had always been about making money while not stirring up trouble. We did raise a group of elite fighters to help with the expansion of the business alliance and clear out obstacles in the way, but we had never directly went against the police. Mr. Hetian, I’m afraid that we have the intention to help you but don’t have the power.”

Hetian was anxious on the inside, but he still remained calm on the surface. “In the past few years, your business alliance had made large strides in expansion, but how many of your subsidiaries are financially clean? I dare to say that no big businesses have clean finances, and with your business alliance involved in so many industries, if it wasn’t for our underground money house helping you guys evade taxes with offshore accounts, how could you save such a huge amount of cash? I’m not here to threaten Mr. Zuozhi, but it’s just that I wouldn’t have come here to ask for help if I had any other options. If the underground money houses we have in Shangcheng collapse, then the black cash you guys stored at our place would also be completely seized. I’m not here to discuss from my position, because we are on the same boat right now.”

Having said that, Hetian sincerely bowed and said, “Just count this as helping out a fellow compatriot in a foreign nation, please!”

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