Chapter 148: Routine Inspection (Part two)

Mr. Zuozhi sighed for a moment and then said, “Do you know how big the crime would be to murder a policeman in a big city like Shangcheng? Once it is identified as an assassination by people of the Wei Nation, it can quickly escalate to diplomatic events between two nations. Have you been to the embassy to discuss this? If your goal is achieved, you might feel relieved, but the countless companies our nation had established in Huaxia would be in hot water. The business alliance attaches great importance to this populous nation that is Huaxia, and we cannot lose this market. Mr. Hetian, do you understand my difficulties?”

Hetian still wanted to say something and Zuozhi poured him more tea as he attempted to change the topic, not wanting to discuss it anymore. “How do you guys plan to transfer the money? If necessary, we can help.”

Hetian secretly cursed at Zuozhi, knowing that this [email protected] wasn’t worried at all since it wasn’t their money that was seized by the police. Since the beginning, they only care about the transfer of the cash.

Hetian: “It won’t be necessary. Our underground money house has a lot of local clients. We will most likely be searched if we try to transfer with commercial vehicles, so we plan on transferring by relying on those customers’ private vehicles. The roads in and out of Shangcheng city are already congested as they are; if the police still want to investigate each and every private vehicle, then it would severally affect the city’s traffic. In the grand scheme of things, for a business-centered city, this situation would obviously do more harm than good.”

Zuozhi: “Has the transfer already started?”

Hetian: “Of course, time is money. Right now we don’t know how much info that [email protected] Chang Qing confessed to the police, so it’s best if we act fast. I always think the policeman named Xu Cheng is a bit too capable, so to avoid sleepless nights, our fleet of private vehicles already began transferring the money.”

Zuozhi: “I heard that the police had set inspection points at the border of Shangcheng since this morning.”

At the key point exiting Shangcheng, Xu Cheng sat in his patrol car and smoked a cigarette. He was facing the direction of cars leaving Shangcheng, so he could clearly see all the cars and their interiors as they drove towards him.

Li Chao was chewing on a burger and he frowned and asked, “Boss, are we going to search all these cars? If we stop them one by one, we would cause a serious traffic jam. It would be abnormal if customs doesn’t file a complaint against us.”

Xu Cheng took a sip of his latte and smiled. “Maybe the criminals wanted to take advantage of that logic to transfer the money out right now. We don’t have to search every vehicle. Later, just listen to me and stop whatever car I tell you to stop.”

Li Chao nodded.

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether the underground money house would be using this method to transport the money out of the city, but this was indeed the fastest and safest way of transferring cash right now. Police were allowed to search commercial trucks and buses, but when it came to private vehicles, the police usually could only check the license or if the driver was under the influence. It was only permissible to search private vehicles under special circumstances, but a routine search would for sure lead to complaints from the capital class in Shangcheng. In a city like Shangcheng, the capital class also had a lot of network power, and that was why the director was reluctant to let Xu Cheng carry out his plan.

But, Xu Cheng wasn’t stupid. He was a man with a hack. His powerful penetrating vision allowed him to see from afar whether a car was hiding a thick stack of cash and then he could have his guys flag down the car. Then, it wouldn’t affect the traffic situation too much.

He waited for about half an hour and didn’t find any vehicle hiding cash. Just when he began suspecting that he was wrong, a BMW X6 slowly drove over. Xu Cheng saw the cash right away inside the car, and to make sure Li Chao and the others didn’t get suspicious of why he confidently flagged the car, he deliberately asked Li Chao, “Did you see that BMW X6 switching to another lane? He was initially in lane 1, but he changed to lane 3 away from us in fear of getting suspected.”

Li Chao didn’t notice it, because they were standing by lane 1, and their vision of lane 3 was blocked by cars in lane 1 and 2, so it was a good excuse.

“That guy doesn’t look like the car’s owner. He’s at most a driver. Something’s fishy, stop that BMW X6!” Xu Cheng shouted.

Li Chao nodded and immediately shouted at Wu Gang on the other side by lane 3, “Stop that BMW X6!”

Wu Gang immediately walked into the lane with his men. The line of fully-armed police officers stood in a row as they gestured for the car to stop. “Get out of the car.”

The driver of the BMW was confused. He rolled down the window and asked Wu Gang curiously. “What’s wrong, Officer?”

Wu Gang showed his badge and saluted. “Excuse me, we have to search your vehicle. Please unlock the vehicle and open the trunk.”

The driver nodded and stepped out of the vehicle to see what they were searching for. Xu Cheng saw how the driver was behaving from afar and sighed. “It seems like this guy didn’t know that his boss hid a huge stash of cash in the car.”

Looks like these people were quite clever, knowing to set the driver up as a scapegoat if something went wrong.

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