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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 149.2

Chapter 149: Hetian Trying to Strategize (Part two)

“Looks like they are indeed trying to use private cars to transport the cash. Boss, you are so right, but how did you tell that this car was suspicious just by looking at it?” Li Chao shuffled closer with a kiss-azz-face and asked.

Xu Cheng already thought of an excuse. “How heavy do you think 50 million yuan in cash is? It’s heavy enough to cause a difference in the car’s behavior. Although this BMW X6 has good performance, did you see how the car was feeling very heavy on the wheels when there was only one guy sitting inside?”

Li Chao and Wu Gang immediately reached an enlightenment. They had to admit that their boss had an incredible brain and paid a lot of attention to details.

At this moment, Xu Cheng looked up and saw another car approaching them in the sea of traffic. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Stop that Toyota Highlander for me.”

Wu Gang immediately ran over with the criminal police officers and stopped the car.

On the other side, at a tea house in a commercial high rise, Hetian was talking with Zuozhi about his plan, and it went from noon into the afternoon.

Zuozhi poured another cup of tea for him and said with curiosity, “I don’t know why your clients are willing to take the risk and transport the money for you.”

Hetian laughed and said, “These are all clients with savings in the underground money house. They are also very smart and all instructed their drivers to do the transporting task. The drivers don’t know a thing about the money hidden in the car, so even if they were stopped for investigation, they wouldn’t appear nervous. Besides, the cash stashes aren’t easy to find because we specifically modified the cars, making it easy to hide the cash. Lastly, even if a few cars do get exposed and get detained, it won’t affect my clients because they can just say that they don’t know a thing about it.”

Zuozhi said, “But using only private cars to transport the money, how many cars would you need? You have such a big reserve at your underground money house, how many days would it take?”
Hetian seemed to be even more proud about his plan as he said, “To transfer the cash safely, we had no choice but to do this. But it would also minimize our losses even if the police catch a few. On each vehicle, we stored between 50 to 100 million, so losses are all kept under control.”

Hetian laughed and said, “Don’t worry, my clients will only give their driver the location after their driver leaves Shangcheng. Before then, none of them would know where they should head to, so even if they are caught, they won’t be able to confess anything. Also, every client has a GPS system that they can use to check if the driver has left Shangcheng.”

At this time, his subordinate came over and said, “Mr. Hetian, here’s a call for you.”

“Dumbazz!” Hetian glared at him. “Can’t you see that I’m discussing some things with Mr. Zuozhi?”

This was when he was demonstrating his prowess as a strategist and bragging about his plan, so he was not happy that he was interrupted.

His subordinate could only lower his head and go away.

Zuozhi asked again, “How much is being transferred this time?”

Hetian: “A full hundred billion yuan. We will be transporting with private cars during the day. If the private cars can get through without getting caught, the police might think we aren’t transferring and call it a day, and then at night, when they go home, that’s when we will bring out the main event and transport with trucks.”

Zuozhi: “So, you are just probing during the day?”

Hetian downed his whole cup of tea and said, “Yes.”

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