Chapter 150: All Detained (Part one)

Just when Hetian was talking, his subordinate came over again with a phone and bowed as he said, “Sir, this is already the 20th call from the clients.”

Hetian looked at his subordinate, a bit shocked and angry. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

His underling bitterly smiled and only wished to kill himself right now. I wanted to tell you earlier but you facking told me to get the fack out! What else can I do?

Hetian took over the phone and answered, “Hello?”

“Mr. Hetian? You finally answered the call.”

“President Zhang, what happened?”

President Zhang nervously said, “The GPS is showing that my driver’s still inside Shangcheng and hasn’t left the city.”

Hetian was slightly annoyed. “What happened? Didn’t you say that this driver’s reliable? Did he see the cash and try to run away with it?”

President Zhang: “I’m not worried about that, I’m worried that he got detained by the police or something. I called him many times and no one’s picking up.”

Hetian’s eyes became slightly bigger. “Detained? Hold on, let me call someone.”

Then, he hung up the call and said to his subordinate, “Give me the list of the clients that are responsible for transporting cash this morning.”

His subordinate nodded and took out a list from his suit pocket.

Hetian began calling one by one down the list.

“Hello? Mr. Li, I’m Hetian.”

“Mr. Hetian, you finally answered your phone, I needed to tell you something! My driver and the car didn’t leave Shangcheng at all but actually drove in the opposite direction. I tracked the GPS and saw the car is actually at a police station!”

“What?!” Hetian shouted, almost swearing.

After hanging up, he called another number. “Hello? Mr. Lin, did the money safely get out of the city yet?”

The other end of the call fell silent for a moment. “My driver’s not answering, the car didn’t leave the city at all!”

“Fack!” Hetian became furious as he hang up the call.

“Mr. Hetian, don’t get anxious. You sent off so many cars today, it’s normal for a few to get caught.”

Hetian pondered for a second and thought those words were true. He was indeed too fixated on perfection. He only made three calls and there were 50 more to go. Three cars was only about 250 million, which was acceptable if there wasn’t anymore cars that got caught.

At the thought of this, Hetian immediately dialed more.

“Hello, I’m Hetian…”

“Mr. Hetian, my driver got detained!”

The corner of Hetian’s mouth shivered as he let out a breath. “I got it.”

He hung up and dialed another number. The moment the call went through, the other end anxiously said, “Mr. Hetian, let me say this again, our company is not responsible for this.”

Hetian’s eyes narrowed. “Your car got detained?”


Hetian hung up, he leaned against the sofa dejectedly. He directly gave his phone to his subordinate and said, “You call. Put it on speaker.”

His man nodded and called the next number. The moment it connected, the other side asked, “Mr. Hetian, did you get the money? My driver’s not picking up the call.”

Hetian disappointingly closed his eyes as he listened to the client on the other end still shirking his responsibilities.

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