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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 150.2

Chapter 150: All Detained (Part two)
Finally, Hetian replied in a deep voice, “Mr. Ren, you are saying we detained your guy?”

“Mr. Hetian, I know it’s a lot of money, but I have to declare first that we won’t be compensating you for the money seized by the police. That’s what we agreed on in the first place.”

Hetian directly grabbed the phone and smashed it onto the floor! His entire face was twisted from anger!

Zuozhi just sat there and looked at him, as if he was smiling but also as if he wasn’t. “Looks like you are right, that police officer is indeed very powerful. Such skills, that title is indeed well-deserved.”

At the mention of Xu Cheng, Hetian gritted his teeth,  really wanting to bite him to death. He took a deep breath and directly said to his subordinate, “Call the people outside of the city responsible for accepting the funds. Ask them how many cars had arrived at their place since this morning, and how much money was transported.”

His subordinate nodded and immediately called as he placed the phone closer to Hetian afterward.


“Did you guys receive any cash? How many cars?”

The other end of the line immediately replied, “We waited since this morning and didn’t see any cars from the list you gave me! What’s happening?”

“What?” Hetian immediately grabbed over the phone. “Say that again, you guys haven’t received any vehicles?”

“No, we even thought that the operation was canceled, but we are still waiting here by the restaurant and haven’t seen a single car from that list.”

“Fack!” Hetian threw his phone again. This time, he was completely furious as he shot up from the sofa. With bloodshot eyes, his whole body was shivering from rage. “Xu Cheng… I want you dead!”

– The Police HQ –

The other departments were all curious why the big parking lot at their HQ had a batch of luxury cars detained, with many within the million-dollar price range. There were about 80 cars in total, and they were neatly lined up at the parking lot with the drivers hand-cuffed and being walked into the HQ in a line.

Seeing this scene, Ran Jing curiously asked Li Chao, who was leading that line of drivers. “What’s this? Why are there so many boss-level cars?”

Li Chao nodded. “Captain Ran, each car had 50 to 200 million in cash hidden inside them and were all being used to transport black money from the underground money house. Thank God our boss discovered them all and detained them.”

The jaws of everyone that heard that almost dropped.

Then, as they saw the criminal police officers carrying in bags after bags of cash into the HQ, everyone was dumbfounded.

This facking Team 2, it seemed like they were really stirring s--t up these days!

Ran Jing looked at the money and then asked, “How much is it this time?”

Li Chao: “Rough estimate, about 10 billion yuan, all black money.”

The others all didn’t know what to say or how to react. They all looked enviously at the busy Team 2 members. Recently, Team 2’s name had been everywhere, and from top to bottom, all the supervisors in the police HQ were using them as positive teaching material. Before Team 2 was even properly awarded the merit of taking down West Gate, they went after the underground money house, and then something this big happened just in two days. Everyone was extremely curious. Since when did the two cases that had been troubling them for years suddenly become so easy?

Ran Jing pulled Li Chao’s sleeves and asked, “Where’s your boss?”

“He’s still busy, he went with Wu Gang to visit those car owners. Boss seems to be really determined to catch the underground money house.”

On the other side, Xu Cheng and Wu Gang arrived at a pretty reputable company in the city. He just directly said to the receptionist at the lobby, “I want to see your chairman.”

“Sorry, do you have an appointment?”

Xu Cheng directly took out his badge and said, “We are from the criminal investigation unit, it’s about your chairman’s driver being detained for hiding 200 million black cash in his car. I hope he can cooperate with our investigation.”

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  1. linklight2

    Thanks for the chapter. Its a fairly interesting concept, but it doesn’t really make sense how Xu Cheng managed to get all the money, even with mystical powers. Most cities are fairly huge, and each have multiple entrances and exits. Being the only one able to detect whether or not money is within a car (not to mention the fact that he should be getting tired from using his power so much), how in the world is it possible that not a single car passed? I don’t think the author really thought this one through.

    • noodletowntranslated

      yeah u have a good point, some of the assumptions might not be realistic, e.g. the entire city has only one gate of entry and exit

  2. Kennedy Chang

    I think it’s quite logical as they are transporting the money to one places, which is the restaurant mentioned by underling of Hetian. So yeah, quite logical..

  3. I wish I had that kind of Mr Hetian’s phone; after smashing it out of anger, he could still pick it and make another call. Hmmmm…

  4. Missing sentence’s.

    Here are the missing sentence’s MTLD:

    Hetian closed his eyes with a disappointed face, but the boss listening to the phone was still shirk and shirk his responsibility. He knew that if the police seized it, he would definitely question the owner. Although he could shirk, he had a bad reputation.

    Hetian heard him chattering there, and suddenly said in a deep voice: “Ren, you mean we deducted people, right?”

    (Please stop cutting the chapters in 2… you’re missing sentence’s this way.)

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