Chapter 152: Those That Threatened Me, Where are They Now? (Part one)

Xu Cheng signaled for Lin Lei to wait for him in the car as he walked out and followed the bodyguard in sunglasses to that cafe. A white-faced man exuding a high-class aura was sitting in a seat by the corner. Seeing Xu Cheng coming in, he gestured. “Please have a seat.”

The bodyguard moved the chair for Xu Cheng to sit down. The waitress then came over and poured him a cup of tea.

Xu Cheng: “I don’t think I know you.”

This man smiled. “I am Zuozhi, the president of the Wei Nation Business Alliance.”

Xu Cheng got ready to get up. “I don’t think it’s necessary for us to keep on talking.”

Zuozhi immediately said, “I hope Mr. Xu Cheng can show some mercy. After all, you have a share in the underground money house too.”

Xu Cheng looked down at him and said, “What do you mean?”

Zuozhi said, “The underground money house is actually not hateful. Its purpose is only based on the selfishness of those entrepreneurs. If there aren’t so many companies trying to dodge taxes, then who would give the underground money house the opportunity to make money? Even if you destroy one, a new one will rise. As long as there’s someone that wants to evade taxes and as long as there’s profit, there will be someone there to launder it. You can’t stop people’s greed, so why bother suppressing a particular money house?

Xu Cheng sneered. “Are you here to lobby for Cunye?”

Cunye was the legal name of Hetian.

Zuozhi laughed and said, “You can think of it that way, but it’s also for your benefit.”

Then, he looked out of the window and then around at the environment. “What do men live for? It really just revolves around 3 things: power, money, and women. If you have power, you will naturally have money, and with money, you can easily get women. But, what makes me curious is, Mr. Xu, you work so hard for your job, yet the highest level you can reach might just be a middle level title in the Shangcheng police system, which is completely insignificant in Huaxia’s police system. You will only limit yourself to this city, and there’s a ceiling that you will be easily reaching. Why choose that path for yourself? You can maybe listen to my advice. Mr. Xu, if you can be merciful, you will for sure get a lot more than if you don’t. Look at the car you are driving, if you can just let this case go, you can get all the cars, women, and money you want! Besides, you already won yourself a respectable reputation in Shangcheng with what you have done, so why not stop while you can?”

Seeing that Xu Cheng was about to say something, Zuozhi immediately continued, “I know Mr. Xu’s still single right now. Sometimes, one needs to enjoy life. After all, there would only be more work waiting for you after work, right? Here’s a card with 20 million dollars and another villa property in M Nation. These are all gifts for you. Don’t worry, it’s not black money and you can use it to your heart’s content, and I’m also not recording this meeting to leave behind any evidence to blackmail you with in the future. I purely want to make a new friend.”

Xu Cheng laughed. “You think I’m short on money?”

Zuozhi: “You are not? With your police officer salary, it’s quite difficult to live in a city like Shangcheng, right? If a man’s wallet’s thin, he will feel insecure no matter where he goes. That’s why Mr. Xu is still single right now, right? In Shangcheng, it’s really hard to get a girlfriend if you don’t have a bit of a foundation, and this 20 million dollars can help you realize your dreams.”

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