Chapter 152: Those That Threatened Me, Where are They Now? (Part two)

Xu Cheng picked up the card. At the sight of this, Zuozhi smiled, but who knew Xu Cheng would then throw the card like a frisbee out of the cafe’s window.

Zuozhi’s face slightly changed. “You!”

“One more word, and I will investigate your business alliance next. Do you believe me?” Xu Cheng put on a stern face as he said this, and then he immediately turned around and left.

Who knew Zuozhi still had some bargaining chips. He said to Xu Cheng’s back, “I know the 10 billion gambling money under Miss Shen Yao is actually Mr. Xu’s. If the underground money house goes down, then your money will also be seized. If you agree, then the underground money house will launder your money quickly and transfer it to you!”

Xu Cheng paused. He did indeed forget about this money. In the beginning, he just gambled for fun before the fight with North Gate’s leader because he didn’t like the other people betting against him. He also didn’t expect to ever use that money, at least not with his current identity as a police officer. Besides, Xu Cheng also told Shen Yao that she could manage the money for him.

“Over 10 billion yuan, you really aren’t tempted? This is something that many people can’t earn in a lifetime, even if you become the director of your police HQ. I am also sure that someone without a background wouldn’t be able to climb that high either. All you are doing is creating merits for other people.”

Zuozhi looked very calm because he wasn’t scared of Xu Cheng not compromising. If it was anyone else, they would even put their lives at risk to fight for it. He didn’t believe Xu Cheng would refuse!

But Xu Cheng smiled. If it was before, he might actually pay great weight to this money. Of course, it wasn’t just a million, it was 10 billion! In a society like this today, how many people would go out of their way to get it? Many people even commit crimes just for a million or two, not to mention 10 billion. But ever since Xu Cheng’s body went through some mutations and gained some interesting abilities, he became much more confident. Although it didn’t seem like Xu Cheng had too much money on the surface right now, he had more than enough and that’s all that mattered. Besides, if he ever needed money, with his ability to see through things, he could easily go to a casino to grab some free cash. He smiled because Zuozhi was being too confident without knowing anything.

Xu Cheng directly picked up his phone and called Lin Lei. “Grab me the files that I was looking through on the passenger’s seat.”

Lin Lei got off the car and came in with Hetian’s file.

Xu Cheng directly slammed the data onto the desk and said, “I’m solemnly telling you, I’m going to be arresting this guy!”

Zuozhi finally became enraged. “Are you not afraid of causing a diplomatic dispute for arresting a philanthropist from Wei Nation that has a good reputation in Huaxia? Will you be able to shoulder the consequences?”

“I’ve heard similar threats from many people. But do know where those people are right now? First, North Gate’s dead. Second, West Gate’s casino manager threatened me twice. First time, he got hospitalized. Second time, he got jailed. And then the whole of West Gate got dragged down.”

As Xu Cheng said this, he looked at Zuozhi again, “Now, you are the first one to provoke me. Then, let’s wait and see. Let’s see if this Vice President Cunye will go to jail or not.”

After that, Xu Cheng just left.

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