Chapter 154: 36 Army Special Forces Competition (Part one)

After finishing the meal, Xu Cheng said to Lin Lei, “I have a tight schedule and don’t have time to keep you company. You are a big boy now, take care of yourself.”

Lin Lei nodded. He wasn’t spoiled.

Then, Xu Cheng was about to go to work, but who knew Wen Zhao would catch up to him and say, “Xu Cheng.”

Xu Cheng stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked at him. “Senior Brother, do you need me?”

“In just a month, it’s the team and individual drill competition of the 36 armies. Do you want to go? I can recommend you into the 13th Military Region,” said Wen Zhao.

“Senior Brother, you are from the 13th Military Region?” Xu Cheng smiled and said.

Wen Zhao nodded. Afraid that Xu Cheng didn’t believe how powerful he was before, he immediately said, “You can go ask around in the 13th Military Region, I used to be one of the top elites there.”

Xu Cheng smiled again, feeling that this guy really did care about his face. He politely replied, “Senior Brother, thanks for the kind offer. I will also be attending the 36 Army Drill, and that’s why I want to take care of the West Gate case fast so I can go back to the military. Oh right, I forgot to say, I’m from the 5th Military Region.”

“5th?“ Wen Zhao frowned. “The one that is always ranked at the bottom?”

Xu Cheng awkwardly laughed bitterly, and he had no choice but to admit, “We indeed were in the past.”

“What past? It has always been like this, and even more so this year. I heard the Three Swordsmen of the 5th Military Region already disbanded, there aren’t any elite individual soldiers. Even if you go, you will only be dragged down and won’t get any place at the top. Listen to me, go to the 13th Military Region. Last year, 13th got ranked third among the 36 armies! If you go, it will be like adding a pair of wings to a ferocious tiger!”

The Three Swordsmen’s names were Xu Cheng, Li Wei, and Luo Yi

But, Xu Cheng was here right now, and the other two comrades had already gone to the Dragon Division. It had been a while since he heard any news from them. Hearing Wen Zhao bringing them up, he did kind of miss them and wondered if those two were doing well in that hell-like Dragon Division.

“It’s fine, I rather be the head of a chicken than the tail feathers of a phoenix.” Xu Cheng replied, “A soldier that relies on others won’t have too much room for improvement.”

Wen Zhao was a bit confused. “But if you go back to the 5th Military Region, aren’t you scared that the noobs there will pull you down so hard your pants fall?”

Xu Cheng said, “That’s fine too. After all, I’m a senior to them, so I will just see it as taking them to the competition to gain some experience.”

Wen Zhao still tried hard to persuade him, “This is a competition that only happens once every year. Listen to me, I heard the soldiers of the top 3 teams could be qualified to get picked into forming an elite team to attend the G20 International Special Forces Competition! If you come to our 13th Military Region and get into the top 3, then you will have a chance to go onto the international stage to win glory for the country! But if you are going back to the 5th Military Region, are you planning to push all the way from the 28th place to the top 3?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes blinked. “There’s also a G20 competition this year?”

It was basically the competition of the special forces in the top 20 most powerful countries in the world. Every event was a good opportunity for soldiers of different countries to practice and learn from each other while also trying to win glory for their country. For example, if the Olympics were about sports, the G20 Special Forces Competition was undoubtedly the best international stage for each country to showcase their finest soldiers.

Seeing that Xu Cheng was a bit tempted, Wen Zhao nodded. “Yes, and only the soldiers from the top 3 teams are qualified to be potentially selected. If you go to the 5th Military Region, then there’s basically no hope anymore. Think about it, how many years can a soldier waste? The 36 Army Drill happens once every year, but the G20 competition only happens once every 3 or 4 years. Don’t miss it this time!”

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