Chapter 156: Getting Followed (Part one)

Xu Cheng didn’t really care about the compliment. He knew one must be humble, or the higher one climbs, the harder the fall. 

He sat down, looked at Cunye, and said, “Two options. First, you can hand over the underground money house’s black money, and you will be fine; the second option is I will find the money, but you won’t be leaving this city too. In addition, the business alliance behind you will also be subject to various economic sanctions because of you.”

Cunye poured himself a cup of tea and nonchalantly said, “I, Cunye, am at least a renowned figure in control of over hundreds of billions of cash in the underground money house. Yet, now I’m being threatened by a naive brat to make a choice, with both choices not being in my favor. You think I will compromise and accept the humiliation?”

It was clear that he chose the second option, which was to fight Xu Cheng to the end. 

“You are not afraid that if you and the underground money house are exposed, the Wei Nation Business Alliance’s business would be targeted by Huaxia?”

Cunye: “Then you should investigate where our underground money house is first and talk to me when you find anything.”

Xu Cheng fixed up his attire and slightly nodded. The opposition’s intention was clear. War had been declared, and Xu Cheng stood up and turned to leave. Suddenly, Neil blocked his path.

Xu Cheng expressionlessly glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. Neil replied, “The contract I signed with my boss is a life and death contract, which means I’m obliged to remove any existence that poses a threat to him. Mr. Xu is a smart man, you should probably know what I’m talking about, right?”

“I know.” Xu Cheng still didn’t care. But he looked at Neil contemptuously and said, “But I have to remind you, this is Huaxia, not a country at war which allows mercenaries like you to do whatever you want. If you think the Black Water Corporation is willing to declare war against Huaxia, just bring it on. But what I can assure you is, if you dare to stir up trouble here, you won’t be leaving this country alive.”

Then, Xu Cheng moved to walk past him, but the latter slightly moved over as well, attempting to block Xu Cheng with his strong arm and shoulder. But what shocked him was, Xu Cheng directly bumped him to the side!

That power almost made Neil lose his balance. But amid the shock, he still maintained his calm demeanor and looked at Xu Cheng’s back as he walked away.

“What is it?” Cunye asked curiously.

“This guy probably reserved some strength when he fought Gate Master Yan,” Neil said.

Cunye: “Are you still confident that you can kill him?”

Neil: “Don’t worry, if he actually finds out where our reserve is, I won’t let him live to see the next sunrise.”

Cunye then rested assured and took a sip of his tea. But after putting the cup down, he looked out of the window and sighed, “I don’t know why, but whenever I face that guy, I feel uneasy. Maybe it’s a conditioned response after getting screwed over by him multiple times… Anyway, as long as he’s alive, I always feel that something bad will happen. This [email protected] is too good at stirring up trouble, and now he already knows that I’m Hetian and the boss behind the underground money house. We can’t leave this guy alive.”

Neil: “For you to get a good night’s sleep, should I act tonight?”

Cunye: “He moved into the Shen Family’s house, and they have a pretty good security and surveillance system. I’m afraid that you can’t do anything when Xu Cheng’s inside the house. But, the Shen Family’s mansion is a little far from the city, and the drive out of the city to the Shen Mansion may be the best time for you to act. Today, intercept him on his way home!”

Having said that, Cunye exuded murderous intent. “You want to come to my territory and threaten me? I won’t let you live to see tomorrow!”

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