Chapter 157: I Need a Search Warrant (Part one)

After fueling up, Xu Cheng started the car. At that moment, his mobile phone rang; it was a call from Li Chao. 

“Boss, the GPS we installed onto Cunye’s car shows that he has gone to the business alliance now.”

What’s he doing at the business alliance this late at night? Could he be making a big move tonight?

Associating that with how Neil’s following me right now, could he be responsible for keeping an eye on me?

Immediately, Xu Cheng said to Li Chao, “Where are you?”

“At the supermarket.” 

“Give me your coordinates. Wait for me at the clothing section of the shop.” Then, Xu Cheng hung up.

After starting the car, Xu Cheng came to an intersection and suddenly made a u-turn. Neil immediately changed direction as well and quietly followed behind. Once they stopped by a supermarket, he saw Xu Chen getting off and going in. He thought Xu Cheng would come out after buying a few things.

Xu Cheng saw Li Chao waiting for him and he dragged him into the changing room. “Let’s swap clothes.”

Li Chao paused for a moment. “What’s happening?”

Xu Cheng took off his jacket as he said, “I’m being followed. Wear my clothes and drive my car with the tail directly back to the police bureau. Remember, when you go out later, pretend to be on call and use your arm and hand to block half of your face and don’t let him see that we changed places. When he gets to the bureau, it doesn’t matter if you get exposed or not.”

Li Chao heard something was fishy, and he nodded and then swapped clothes and car keys with Xu Cheng. Li Chao wore Xu Cheng’s clothes and placed his hand by his ear with a phone, quickly ducking into the Santana sh*tbox parked by the roadside, starting the engine, and driving off.

From far away, Neil indeed couldn’t tell if it was Xu Cheng or someone else. Seeing the Santana leave, he also started the car and followed behind.

After he left, Xu Cheng walked out of the market and then drove off with Li Chao’s car. He was going straight to the Wei Nation Business Alliance!

The Wei Nation Business Alliance was situated on Shimao Commercial Street in downtown, and it was basically the golden location for stores and restaurants. Whether it was night or day, there was a lot of foot traffic. Luckily, it hadn’t reached traffic hour so the roads weren’t as congested.

After parking the car, Xu Cheng found the car Cunye usually drove. Then, he went to the reception desk in the lobby and asked, “Excuse me, which floor is the Wei Nation Business Alliance on?”

The receptionist replied, “It’s located in H-building on the 12th to 18th floor area.”

Xu Cheng: “Thanks.”

About just 10 minutes ago, at this highrise, Cunye brought 30 or so people here and rode two elevators up, heading directly to president Zuozhi’s office. Zuozhi immediately came out and asked, “Cunye, what are you doing, bringing so many people over at this time?” 

“Withdrawing funds. Tonight’s the best time.”

Zuozhi: “No, you already failed the first batch just yesterday, and at this critical period, Xu Cheng is hoping that you would try again and then intercept you again. The cash reserve is too big in the safe, and now there is a lot of traffic on the streets. If we get discovered, the business alliance would be affected.”

Cunye said, “I already told Neil to keep a close eye on Xu Cheng. If nothing unexpected happens, he won’t even live past tonight. As long as we keep Xu Cheng in check, his subordinates are nothing to be afraid of.”

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