Chapter 157: I Need a Search Warrant (Part two)

Zuozhi still blocked him and said, “The money is yours so I can’t say what you should do with it, but I won’t allow you to withdraw and transfer the money right now. This is a commercial street and there are too many eyes on the streets. If someone were to find out about a huge cash reserve being moved out from here, you can leave, but what would happen to the business alliance? Let me tell you, if you throw the business alliance into the pit, I will go back to Wei Nation and start a vote to revoke your position!”

Cunye looked at him and said in all seriousness, “Believe me. Tonight will be the best time to transfer the money. The clues provided by Chang Qing will lead the police to this place sooner or later, and as long as he still has a record of the licence plates of the money-transporting trucks we used before, they can go to the traffic bureau to check the records, allowing them to quickly narrow down to this area. By then, we will all be done, and your business alliance will still be sanctioned by Huaxia.”

Zuozhi retorted, “As long as you don’t transfer the money, we have secret chambers. Even if the police charge in, they won’t be able to find hidden doors or underground storage rooms at all.  Maybe it was Xu Cheng bluffing and trying to get you to make more mistakes? You should stay put. Since the very beginning, we don’t even know how much evidence Chang Qing really has against us, and you anxiously devised up a plan. What happened to that? 10 billion was directly intercepted by the police. Xu Cheng’s just waiting for you to make the next move, and within this network he planted in Shangcheng, each and every move of yours will be seen by him.”

Cunye: “It won’t be this time. This time, as long as you stall Xu Cheng’s guys, we will have enough time to move. Neil already successfully tailed him. Don’t get in my way, or if this money gets seized again, you will take the blame for it.”

Zuozhi certainly didn’t want that, but he was indeed very scared of Cunye getting into trouble again. If this money gets transported out at this time and also gets seized, then they will be done. All the companies under their alliance would be subject to economic sanctions and possibly be forced out of the country! Then, he would be a sinner in the eyes of all of his corporate compatriots. He had his worries too.

But before he could say anything, Cunye already pushed him away and then quickly walked into Zuozhi’s office with his men. Then, they came to a giant bookcase which revealed an electronic fingerprint and eyelid scanner. Cunye pressed his finger on the scanner and let another one scan his right eye. Then, the giant steel plate wall quietly opened, revealing an inventory space of around 30-square-meters filled with piles of hundred-yuan bills.

“Carry them all to the bulletproof car prepared in the basement.” Cunye waved his hand, and his men all went into the vault and began using a special one-cubic-meter box on wheels to start loading.

On the 11th floor, Xu Cheng took out his phone and called Wu Gang. “Wu Gang, hurry and dispatch the special police unit to the Shimao Commercial Street area in downtown, and seize that entire Wei Nation Business Alliance building. Also, bring a special ops squad to the underground parking area and block off all entrances and exits.”

Wu Gang originally was planning to go home after he finished work, but after he received the call, his whole body shivered and he immediately shouted at his colleagues. “Everyone, emergency operation! Get those that just left work to come back, hurry, now!”

Then, he went to the special police department to apply for a dispatch.

Xu Cheng then immediately called the director, “Sir, I need a search warrant.”

Director: “To search where?”

Xu Cheng: “The Wei Nation Business Alliance.”

The director took in a deep breath. “You are not joking, right? That’s the base camp of Wei Nation’s enterprises in Huaxia, what are you doing there? This search would cause a ripple between two nations, and the embassy would definitely not let you off the hook easily for this one.”

Xu Cheng: “I’m 70% sure. After that, if the embassy really wants an explanation, you can just fire me.”

The other end of the call sunk silent for a moment. Then, the director narrowed his eyes. “You already thought about how to get out?”

Xu Cheng had made a perfect plan. Tonight would be the final wave of his attack on the underground money house. After this was done, he could also retreat completely and go back to the military. 

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