Chapter 159: Spent Force (Part one)

Standing around the cars, Cunye’s men saw themselves being exposed and they all panicked and wanted to run. They all turned to look at Cunye, hoping that he would say something.

Cunye was completely dumbfounded himself as he looked at the floor covered in money.

Xu Cheng then turned around and fired another shot at a lock on another box, and the stuffed box burst open with cash flying out as well.

Xu Cheng shouted, “Open them all!”

“Yes, Sir!” Wu Gang and the others forced open the rest of the boxes, which were all filled with cash.

“Sir, all cash!”

“Sir, this box too!”

“Sir, all cash!”

Xu Cheng looked at the dumbfounded Cunye, half-smiling. “Vice-president Cunye, do you have something to say?”

Cunye slightly snorted, “This is all money of the business alliance, are you coming here to rob us? I will report this to the embassy.”

“Oh?” Xu Cheng laughed. “The business alliance should be just like a club office for members to gather, since when was it allowed to have such a massive cash flow? Then, I must ask you, does your business alliance have a business license? Where did all this cash come from? I remember the Wei Nation Business Alliance shouldn’t have any business projects, so how did you generate this cash? About 20 boxes, there should be at least 10 billion, please show me your business alliance’s tax certificate.”

Cunye looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Mr. Xu, how about let’s talk?”

“Now you want to talk?” Xu Cheng smiled. “In the morning when I visited you, do you still remember what I said to you? In the morning, you still had two options, but now you want to talk? For sure, come with me to the police station to talk. The legal process will give you a fair result!”

Upon saying that, Xu Cheng deepened his voice and said, “Detain everyone here. If someone resists, execute them on the spot!”

Xu Cheng knew these guys all had guns as well, so he wanted to warn them to not mess with the officers.

“Yes, Sir!” The special police unit began arresting people. Some people wanted to fight back, but there was already a gun held against their heads. Immediately, their guns were also taken away. 

Cunye was taken to a police car as well, and he said with a grim face to Xu Cheng, “You burned the bridge of the capitalists, you are doomed!”

Wu Gang directly shoved him into the car, and Xu Cheng got in as well and sat behind him. Cunye said, “I won’t say anything.”

Xu Cheng took out his phone and shot a video of Cunye up close. Cunye got angry. “What are you doing?”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything and just recorded. When he was done, he got some tape and grabbed Cunye’s hands over to press fingerprints all over it. Then, he smiled and said, “You don’t have to say anything, I will give you the perfect charge.”

Then, he got off the car and said to the driver, “Ship them all back.”

The driver nodded, and then the police vehicles left, leaving behind half of the special police officers and Li Chao and the others to follow Xu Cheng right up the elevator.

Zuozhi immediately closed the vault and then shut the door to the secret chamber. The entire safe was immediately blocked off by a thick steel wall. Normally, people would think it was just a wall and it even had paint and wallpaper on it, so no one would suspect that it was a secret door.

After doing all that, he walked out of the office. He must not let the police in, or it would taint their reputation.

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