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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 159.2

Chapter 159: Spent Force (Part two)

When he walked out of the office and went to the reception area on his floor, he already saw Xu Cheng coming out of the elevator with a crowd of officers. He came to Zuozhi and showed him his badge. “Criminal Investigation Unit working on a case, I hope President Zuozhi will cooperate.”

Zuozhi blocked the way. “What case?”

“Just now we arrested Mr. Cunye coming out from the business alliance with over 10 billion in cash. I suspect the so-called underground money house is located right here inside this building, please let us through to investigate.”

Zuozhi: “Ever since the reform of Huaxia, our business alliance had moved into this country and began expanding our businesses. It can be said that we have made tremendous contributions to the continuous increase of Shangcheng’s GDP. We had always adhered to all laws, it is a bit too much for Officer Xu to come over here all of a sudden and accuse us of such things. Such baseless accusations, can I interpret it as Huaxia wants to stop the friendly trade relationship between the two nations?”

Zuozhi sneered. You think only you know how to throw big accusations? I can too, so let’s see if you have the balls to take it.

Since Zuozhi’s words brought up politics, not to mention Xu Cheng, even the director himself wouldn’t feel comfortable escalating the issue to this level. That was why the director had been reminding that it would be difficult to investigate this business alliance.

Xu Cheng looked at him and also said, “We have the surveillance footage from inside this highrise as evidence. Cunye’s cash was all taken out from this building. Then, let me ask you, he’s the vice-president, if he got the money from this building, which one did he bring it from? I hope Mr. Zuozhi can be reasonable and also get one fact straight, you are in Huaxia, not the Wei Nation!”

Zuozhi looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Officer Xu, I offered you 20 million, and this is how you treat me? What is it? You think it’s too little? How much do you want so you won’t target us? We are a law-abiding business alliance, but we would have no options if the police really want to put some charges on us. Just tell me a price.”

He deliberately said this to Xu Cheng in front of so many people. But, no officers seemed to be tempted by any of this. Xu Cheng just smiled instead. “Mr. Zuozhi, no need to try to start things. These are all my guys. I just seized 10 billion, you think I would stop just to get the 20 million from your mouth? I think you should just move to the side. It’s useless if you want to stall us to buy your guys time to move the cash somewhere else because the whole block is on lockdown.”

Zuozhi looked at Xu Cheng resentfully. Just then, a group of people came up on another elevator.

“What matter is it that troubled the criminal investigation unit to pay a visit here and treat my nation’s business alliance in this manner?” The elder in the lead came over, and his words resonated in the entire venue.

It was the people from the Wei Nation embassy!

These guys were just here to stir up shat. The moment they get involved, Xu Cheng’s authority wouldn’t be enough anymore! This was also Zuozhi’s last and biggest reliance, which was to show Xu Cheng the difficulty ahead so that he would stop making the situation worse.

This elder came over, checked Xu Cheng out, and smiled as he said, “This must be the famous tiger officer, Mr. Xu, right?”

Xu Cheng replied, not arrogant nor humble, “Thanks for the title, I’m just doing my job. What is Mr. Diplomat here for?”

Elder: “I heard the Wei Nation’s business alliance was suddenly being investigated by the police, so I came here to take a look. After all, we came from the same country, and on a foreign land, I have to take care of them. If I don’t exercise justice for them, who will? Officer Xu, you know what I mean, right?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Of course, then I would like to ask Mr. Diplomat, are you attempting to stop our investigation?”

Elder: “Not at all. You can investigate, but if you can’t find anything, I hope Huaxia can give us an explanation, just how much do they belittle us and if any random police officer can just trespass on our business alliance’s territory from now on and throw random accusations and investigate us? I think this is very unfriendly behavior.” 

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