Chapter 160: Riddled with Holes (Part two)

“Don’t worry. Even if there’s a problem, they won’t find it,” Zuozhi said nonchalantly. “If there’s no professional team coming to scan with special equipment, it will be impossible for them to find what’s behind that thick metal wall. This is a layout that can withstand even several levels of explosions, how could it be opened so easily?”

Wu Gang and Li Chao brought people to search all over the place, and this time, they were more careful than ever, checking every corner and detail. Wu Gang would even lay his face on the ground and knock to see if it was hollow underneath. Seeing this sight, Xu Cheng smiled, very pleased to see that his men were being so careful. 

After half an hour passed, Zuozhi and the ambassador were both smiling. The ambassador even came to Xu Cheng’s side and said, “Young man, you are thinking about running before you can even walk, don’t you know that you will fall? This time, I think your career might be coming to an end. How are you not nervous at all?”

Xu Cheng watched his subordinates search as he smiled and said, “If I’m nervous, then my subordinates will feel uneasy and restrained when searching. Being the captain for Team 2 is more complicated than you think.”

Just then, Li Chao, Wu Gang, and the special police officers had finished checking everywhere but couldn’t find anything. However, they didn’t dare to conclude the investigation, so Li Chao came over and asked Xu Cheng, “Boss, do you have any thoughts?”

Xu Cheng smiled, and then he walked forward. Their team had two steps in their procedure. First, they would do a search, and then Xu Cheng would perform his search.

The ambassador mocked behind his back, “Even if you can’t find anything, are you going to make something out of nothing and press charges?”

Li Chao stood beside him and reminded, “Do you know why we asked for his thoughts after we finished searching, instead of telling him that there’s nothing?”

Before the ambassador could speak, Li Chao continued, “Because our boss is training us. Maybe he already found it, but he’s just not in a hurry to say it.”

Indeed, Xu Cheng stood in front of the giant bookshelf with his arms crossed and said, “Mr. Zuozhi, can I ask who you asked to design this bookshelf in the past?”

Zuozhi frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Nothing, I just find it interesting,” he shrugged and said as his hand moved past the rows of books on the shelf. Zuozhi’s eyes narrowed at the sight of this. Xu Cheng suddenly took back his hand, looking at the dust on his fingers and saying, “How long has it been since you last cleaned the shelf and the books?”

Zuozhi didn’t say anything.

Xu Cheng: “Let me guess. Your office is really clean, so your secretary or assistant probably cleans your office every day. However, it’s only the bookshelf that you don’t allow her to touch, but you also wouldn’t have time to clean it yourself, and that’s why there’s dust here. Now, why do you not want your secretary to touch this bookshelf? There should be a secret, right?”

Zuozhi’s eyelids jumped. “What do you want to say?”

Xu Cheng still had a smile on his face, and that smile wouldn’t be unfamiliar to Cunye at all because it was the same one he saw moments before he got facked. Xu Cheng kept browsing past the books before stopping his hand on a very ordinary chicken soup for the soul book. He then said, “A successful entrepreneur would never believe chicken soup stories, because they all understand that success was definitely not made by reading those books. But, I’m quite curious. On the entire shelf, why is it that just this book doesn’t have any dust. It’s odd to think that you would read this, so I feel, could there be a secret?”

At that moment, Zuozhi’s face completely changed, and Xu Cheng directly pulled that book out from the shelf and triggered a mechanism. Then, the shelf began to quietly split into two and move to both sides, and in front of everyone’s dumbfounded faces appeared a concrete steel wall.

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