Chapter 161: End of an Era (Part one)

The ambassador’s eyes almost fell out, and he looked at Zuozhi in disbelief. If the police really found something from this investigation, then he would lose his and the nation’s face in Huaxia, and his career would probably meet an end.

Zuozhi’s heart was pounding as well and his face wasn’t looking too good. In fact, he was very much surprised that Xu Cheng found out about this secret door.

Seeing how the ambassador looked like he wanted to eat him right now, Zuozhi looked at the ambassador and whispered, “That’s an electronic security system door with fingerprint and iris scans. Only Cunye can open it, and he’s not here right now so don’t worry.”

The ambassador looked at him. “Is there really black money in there?”

“Uh…” Zuozhi didn’t know how to answer him and could only faintly nod.

The ambassador’s face immediately sank.

Zuozhi said, “Mr. Ambassador, if we can get through today, your benefits will definitely increase significantly.”

The ambassador asked, “Is there no safe passage inside?”

Zuozhi said, “There is, but only Cunye knows about all the passwords and he was arrested already.”

Ambassador: “I will stall him. You arrange for someone to hurry and transfer the money out from there. Quick, they have a search warrant and can rightfully order you to open it. By then, we will lose for sure!”

Zuozhi: “But Cunye was already taken away.”

The ambassador narrowed his eyes. “I will think of a way to get him to pick up your call. Just hurry up and get prepared to transfer the funds right after he gives you the password.”

Upon saying that, the ambassador immediately pulled out his phone and called his lawyer.

Seeing that things had progressed to this stage, the ambassador had no choice but to stand out. Surrendering right now would only let the people of Huaxia belittle the diplomatic authority of Wei Nation.

So, in a situation like today’s, he must remain calm and not lose!
Li Chao and Wu Gang immediately went to check out the gate with a few special police officers. Seeing the solid steel plate, the explosive specialist said, “This is an A-grade specially-manufactured door and it can protect against bombs. The safety rating for this door is very high, and it looks like we will need to figure out the fingerprint and iris scanner.”
“Boss, what should we do?”

Xu Cheng turned around and said to Zuozhi, “Sir, can I trouble you to open it?”

Zuozhi said calmly, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid that I can’t.”

Xu Cheng frowned. “Why?”

Zuozhi: “The business alliance doesn’t belong to just me, and this is the vault of the entire business alliance. I don’t know anything about the password, fingerprint, or iris scanner. Besides, what’s behind this door is already the most important secret space of our business alliance, I hope you don’t continue to push our limits. If you insist on searching, then I will have to tell the world that Huaxia couldn’t even guarantee the most basic privacy rights for foreign trade companies.”

Ambassador: “That’s right. At the same time, we will also appeal this unfair treatment to the United Nations.”

Xu Cheng looked at the two and said, “I would like you to think again about the nature of the search warrant.”

Ambassador: “Of course I know, but a large nation should act like a large nation. We were already very cooperative when you surrounded the building and searched everywhere. To be honest, that’s already enough for the public to start irresponsible rumors which could severely impact the reputation of our business alliance. We didn’t even cause a fuss with you about this, and now that you guys couldn’t find anything everywhere else, you want to create a fuss with us over a vault. Say, if you can’t find anything even inside the vault, are you just going to sprinkle some drugs inside and claim that you found evidence of illegal activities and shut down this place? Let me tell you, Officer Xu, as long as I’m here, I definitely won’t allow such a thing to happen.”

At the same time, a group of internationally-renowned lawyers arrived at the police station. They all came with their respective documents and said, “I’m Mr. Cunye’s lawyer, I wish to see my client.”

“Sorry, he’s suspected of being involved in smuggling and money laundering. You can’t see him.”

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